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Updates API: Revamp Logs Record Architecture


    • MDLSITE Maint. & Plan. 2023-I3, Sprint 2023-I3.1

      Multiple servers will require to write logs in a file for the Updates API to scale the download service. However, the file is stored on an EBS volume that is mounted on a single server instance and cannot be shared. This presents a problem as it limits the ability to scale the API and makes accessing the logs from different servers difficult.

      We need to revamp the requests log record architecture in the Updates API to address this issue. This would involve finding an alternative solution for storing logs that can be accessed by multiple servers and enable ease of scaling.

      By implementing a new architecture, we can ensure that the logging process is efficient and effective and that the logs are easily accessible for analysis and stastical purposes.

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            vmdef Victor Déniz Falcón
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