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Evaluate possibility of adding new docs namespaces



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      ?koda Petr
      I have a proposal for new wiki name space, the problem is that there are many pages with incorrect, really outdated or proposals that will not be implemented - we have Development:xxx, so I thought something like "Humus:xxx" but a bit more politically correct
      10:27 AMHelen Foster
      10:27 AM?koda Petr
      Humus == partially decomposed organic matter
      10:28 AMSam Hemelryk
      It would be nice to move all of the old proposals and antiquated docs out of the way somewhere
      Helen Foster
      good point
      ?koda Petr
      themes, roles, enrolments - there are very many pages with wrong content now
      10:29 AMHelen Foster
      we do have http://docs.moodle.org/en/Template:obsolete_design but if pages are moved to a separate namespace then they won't keep coming up in searches
      10:30 AM
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      ?koda Petr
      yes, exactly
      the template is nice to, just in case you get redirected there
      Helen Foster
      how about an 'Obsolete' namespace then
      10:32 AM
      ?koda Petr
      something that was never true an not be obsoleted, right? I might indicate that it was at some time accurate
      grrrr, where are my letters
      my mac is broken
      10:33 AMSam Hemelryk
      What about archive, or archived or something although that could construe the same as obsolete I suppose
      10:34 AM?koda Petr
      Obsolete might be the stuff from moodle 1.7 and older
      hmm, two new namespaces? Archive: and Rubbish:
      10:35 AMSam Hemelryk
      I'm off for the night, have a good day/night all
      Helen Foster
      just looking at the definition for obsolete - as well as 'no longer in use' there is also the meaning 'of a discarded or outmoded type'
      ?koda Petr
      10:36 AMHelen Foster
      goodnight sam
      ?koda Petr

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      ?koda Petr
      Helen Foster
      how about for now adding the obsolete template, then we can have a think about the right namespace
      ?koda Petr
      we will need it pretty soon, Tim wrote a lot of docs and proposals and a lot of then are outdated and need either update or removal
      10:37 AM
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      10:38 AM
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      ?koda Petr
      is it possible to get list of pages with given template?

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      ?koda Petr
      I would not want to go searching there again

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      Helen Foster
      ?koda Petr
      Helen Foster
      the template automatically adds pages to the category
      ?koda Petr
      so I guess it is good to remove them from all other categories, right?
      10:39 AMHelen Foster
      then once we've decided on the namespace, I can easily rename all the pages
      yes, I can do that too
      ?koda Petr
      thanks, looks like new task for you
      should I file a tracker issue?
      Helen Foster
      yes please, my assigned issues are falling rather low these days
      10:40 AM




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