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Investigate serving of aliased audio files from mod_book


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      There was a report on the forum that some audio files cannot be played from the app. We were given access to the module on the real site and I could identify the following set-up:

      • Audio files were added to my private files (size usually less than 2MB)
      • Those files were added to the book as an alias/shortcut (5 files)
      • They are added to the content as links (5 links)
      • The filter 'Multimedia plugins' is enabled

      When previewing the content in the app:

      • Some audio files are displayed as an HTML5 player
      • Some audio files are displayed as link
        • Those two last ones, the only thing else I can notice is that the file names contain underscores
        • On the live site they are displayed with the Flash player
      • The audio files displayed as links can be opened and played
      • The audio files in the media player are not played

      I am guessing that mm-external-content does not account for content that was converted to a player. We should either support it, or disable the HTML5 player(s).

      Reported here: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=317695

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