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Can't login with SSO


    • Moodle Mobile 3.3.1

      Hi, we have some Moodle sites which are configured for the authentification via Shibboleth. Since the app update up to Moodle mobile 3.3 I can't connect and login with the app. The error message is "File not found".

      When I configure the login to "via browser (for SSO)" the app asks to open the standard browser of the mobile device. The browser opens and shows the same error message. Here I am able to copy the complete url. https://mysite.net/local/mobile/launch.php?service=local_mobile&passport=133.0298369009688&urlscheme=moodlemobile

      Yes, looking for this file on the web server says the same ... there is no file launch.php inside the folder moodle/local/mobile on the web server.

      Do you know where the problem could be? It's a blocker for us. Nobody can connect to our web sites using the app because Shibboleth is the only authentification to login.

      Best regards, Ralf


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