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Add cordova-plugin-media to Mobile app


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      Currently the app contains cordova-plugin-media-capture (api here) which allows us to capture audio, video and images. But it is not as flexible as cordova-plugin-media (api here). 
      The media-capture plugin uses the device's default recorder, and does not allow programmatic control of recording, specifically stopping the recording.
      In many language learning applications the user needs to see the screen at the same time as they are recording. One of the applications I developed for Sojo University in Japan, is called "Read Aloud" (available here). It is an evaluation tool for oral fluency. In this the user needs to read from the screen as they are recorded. But using the media-capture plugin, we would need to leave the "Read Aloud" page to perform the recording using the native record screen.
      Another app that is under development for Sojo is called "Fluency Builder." In this app we need to programatically start and stop recording, because we simulate the demands of a real conversation. But using the media-capture plugin we do not have control to stop the recording, as well as the fact the the user must record on another screen out of context.
      And the Poodll plugins for Moodle are a general recording tool. Teachers use them in many ways, so a mobile app implementation would ideally behave as close as possible to the desktop version, so that the same activity could be used in MMA and browser.
      The Cordova-plugin-media-capture is not flexible enough for these cases really. But Cordova-plugin-media appears to be more so.  It would be great if the Mobile app could include the media plugin so that these apps could be supported.  

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