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Notify users update their app to new version


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    • 3.5.2, 3.6.0
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      As the app is updated on google playstore notify users to update their app. so that users can update the app and use the latest functionalities[same for ios and desktop app]

      So we need a mechanism in place to check if the installed app is a valid version. For this to work, ask your developers to add a minimum app version to the backend — in the example above the minimum app version would be set to 2.0 and if they currently installed app (1.0) is anything less than 2.0, we would show a message on the splash screen to say “You need to update your app to continue using our platform.”. Make it easy for the user to update by giving them a button which takes them directly to the store to update their app. And after updating they’ll be able to continue using your app.

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