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Make langindex.json more accurate



      In order to solve the current chaos with incorrect strings (because of the automatic translation script), we created a new file just for mapping app strings with Moodle strings.

      For example:

      #  app string ---  moodle lang file / [moodle string id]
      "addon.mod_workshop.weightinfo": "workshop", // It will use workshop.php file and search for weightinfo string.
      "addon.mod_workshop.yourassessment": "workshop/assessmentbyyourself", // It will use workshop.php file and search for assessmentbyyourself string.

      The moodle lang file would be the one in git://git.moodle.org/moodle-langpacks.git

      This file is used by build_lang.sh script to create and update languages from the langpacks.

      Work to do:

      We should compare one by one all the strings and check if there's a better string. Then update the langindex.json file.

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