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      I use several tablets for my students, and recently found that the app has better functionality for some quiz types, however, because they are used by multiple students, I must have them delete the site from the sites list every time and start from scratch.

      Since my site name is longer, when I saw "force logout" I thought it would solve my problem, but the students cannot change username.  I would like to see the "force logout" in Moodle Mobile app to allow changing users without having to delete the site and start over.  I'm sure many teachers who use shared classroom devices would benefit from this.  I would think all it would take would be to make the username an editable field.

      Also, the app should be logged out when closed, or this should be an option that can be forced.  If a student closes the app, or powers off the device but does not log out, the next student who opens the app should not be logged on with the other student's username.  I think this is a security issue where students share devices.

      How easy would this be?  I am ok with small coding jobs, but unfamiliar with the moodle structure.




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