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Cannot synchronise offline course when some plugins are installed


    • Moodle Mobile 3.6.0


      I want to report a consistent error I have obtained when trying to download a course for offline access on the iPad app our on Moodle Desktop.

      This action is impossible as soon as some plugins are installed. For example when I installed Level Up ! I got the following comment on Moodle desktop :

      Cannot read property 'component' of undefined

      Same for iPad with a similar error message.

      I contacted the plugin developper who is confident that is a problem from Moodle itself.

      Could you please help me to solve this.

            albert.gasset Albert Gasset
            quentinglorieux Quentin Glorieux
            Dani Palou Dani Palou
            Juan Leyva Juan Leyva
            Pau Ferrer Pau Ferrer
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