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[Mobile App] Hidden sections not displaying for non-editing teacher



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      On the desktop interface, within a course, if you create a section and hide it so it is "hidden from students", site admins, teachers and non-editing teachers on the course can still view all this content both in and out of edit mode.
      On the mobile app, if an entire section/topic is hidden, users enrolled on the course who have the non-editing teacher role see the message "No content is available at this time" underneath that greyed out section.
      It is worth noting that the following 2 permissions are set for these roles.  

      • View hidden sections
      • View hidden activities

      Surely if these users can see this on the desktop interface they should be able to view this on the mobile interface?
      Moodle version 3.3.4
      Mobile app version: 3.5.2
      I have also tested this on a fresh install of Moodle cloud:
      Moodle version 3.5.1
      Mobile app version 3.5.2
      The same issue occurs, the only difference now being that when a section/topic is hidden, it does not show at all (not even the name) within the mobile app for non-editing teachers.


      Please note if an activity/resource is hidden within a visible topic, it is shown on the mobile app with "Hidden from students" just below. I can click into the resource and it shows as expected for a non-editing teacher.


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