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Improve on dashboard blocks interface


      We shoud discuss with UX how do we show blocks on the dashboard.

      The current solution shows all the blocks one bellow the other but navigation can be very difficult due to scrolling.

      Some ideas are:

      • Show blocks as tabs.
      • Show a selector on top to filter the block to be shown.
      • Have a list of blocks and click on the title to navigate to the content.
      • Collapsible blocks.
      • A mix of solutions.

      We can have the same problem in the site home, also in the future course blocks.

      Please note that phone and tablet/desktop views are completely different. For desktop and tablet we can try to mimic what the web interface does but for mobile phone view we have several doubts like if we should implement horizontal scrolling as it is being done in the Starred and Recent courses blocks, etc..

            pferre22 Pau Ferrer
            pferre22 Pau Ferrer
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