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Some SCORM do not launch in mobile app


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    • 3.4.2
    • SCORM add-on
    • Moodle Mobile 3.6.0

      I have a course with 3 SCORMs made with the same tool.

      1 works well and 2 do not work at all in the android  mobile app. The 3 of them works perfectly with moodle.

      The message I have is : "Erreur de téléchargemnt du SCORM : "name of the scorm"". (Error downloading SCORM : name of the scorm)

      But I can see in the server log that the.zip is downloaded. I can also see a progression for unzipping inside the mobile application just before the error message. When I look into my mobile's files, I can see a temp folder with the unzipped package.

      So the error message is not right and there is something else that happens but I can't tell what.

      I can provide the zip SCORM.

      Thank you in advanced.

      Best regards.


            dpalou Dani Palou
            ndieschburg Noel Dieschburg
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