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core-context-menu-item in course format templates are not processed on first load



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      When a template for a course format contains a core-context-menu-item, it should be processed when the page is loaded and added to the page's context menu.  However, it appears that this is not happening on the first load.  On subsequent loads, it is displayed.

      This is tricky to reproduce, as it requires an additional course format.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download attached course format plugin format_topics2 and install it on your moodle site.
      2. Create a course with "Topics format 2" format, and enrol a student on the course
      3. Log in to your moodle site as the student, to ensure they can see the course.
      4. Log in to the app as the student.
      5. Enter the course in the app
        • You should see the "Fake course format" heading
      6. Open the context menu
        • Expected: There is an "Extra link" menu item in the context menu (See course/format/topics2/templates/mobile_course.mustache for the markup)
        • Actual: "Extra link" does not appear
      7. Leave and re-enter the course
      8. Open the context menu
        • "Extra link" now appears

      The attached video demonstrates the issue. The course list page might look a bit weird due to CSS from another plugin.




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