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Feedback activity - Groups & submission results seemingly incorrect (View all participants issue)



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      Moodle App 3.7.1


      When on the Mobile app, viewing the results on a Feedback activity (when separate groups is enabled) the View all participants doesn't show results for all participants.
      I think what could be happening here is that there is some confusion/potentially a bug with "View All Participants" that is selected by default when viewing results. What's it's doing (from the examples I've seen) is simply showing you whatever the result is from the next result in the drop down list. So if the first group in the list has 1 submission entry then "View All Participants" shows 1 entry, even if there are other entries in other groups that this user has access to see. I have undertaken the following on several platforms for testing.
      Created 2 accounts:

      u: teacher

      • enrolled as teacher on course and added into group 1

      u: noneditingteacher

      • enrolled as non-editing teacher on course and added into group 1 AND 2


      • Enabled separate groups at course level

      Created + enrolled 3 students. Each in newly created group.

      Group 1

      • Student
        Group 2
      • Student 2
        Group 3
      • Student 3

      Created feedback activity and added one question here.

      Logged in as each student and took this activity.

      Logged in as non editing teacher on the app (member of group 1 and group 2) and the submitted answers (total) AND value under View All Participants is 1. If I select group 1 or group 2 from the dropdown list there are clearly 2 different submissions here.

      Turning OFF "separate groups" within the course means users can view all submissions from users of any groups. Clicking into responses does not show a dropdown for view all participants/listed groups as all entries are shown together in one list.


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