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It is not clear which users have inactive enrolments in assignment grading



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      If you view an assignment that has users with inactive enrolments when viewing the grading interface they cannot be distinguished from users who have an active enrolment.

      It is also not possible in the app to change the view between showing only active users and also users with enrolments that are inactive.

      Steps to reproduce:

      In Moodle:

      1. Create a course
      2. Enrol two students
        • Make one of the students enrolments start either in the future or finish in the past
      3. Enrol a teacher on the course
      4. Create an assignment

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to Moodle as the Teacher
      2. Navigate to the assignment
      3. Follow View all submission
      4. Ensure 'Show only active enrolments' is unchecked
      5. Login to the Mobile app as the Teacher
      6. Navigate to the assignment
      7. Go into the Participants list
      8. You will see both students listed, it is impossible to see which one does not have an active enrolment
      9. There is also no way in the app to select if you should only see active enrolments
      10. In Moodle ensure 'Show only active enrolments' is checked
      11. Refresh the app
      12. You will now see that the student with the inactive enrolment is no longer present.

      I have been seeing this in the Windows 10 desktop app


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