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Support finger/swipe gestures for browsing course contents and activities with multiple pages


    • Moodle App 4.0

      In MOBILE-2481 we added navigation between section contents.

      In MOBILE-2483 we mentioned that maybe we should add finger/swipe gestures for navigating activities with their own navigation

      Some partners and community member has mentioned that we should support navigation between activities/resources (respecting the course order). Moodle Web for example includes the option to move to the next activity at the bottom of the activities/resources.

      We need to think about what to do in this case, there are several scenarios:

      • A course with multiple page resources should support navigation with swipe gestures to move between documents
      • A course with a page resource and then a book module should support transitioning from the page to the book and at the same time, browsing the book pages and finally when the book is finished open the next resource/activity

      This should be configurable at course level, maybe, although Moodle always display the "activity_navigation", see activity_navigation() function for more info

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