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Moodle Desktop crash (white screen) when downloading large SCORM files



      When downloading large SCORM activities (in terms of file size) the desktop app crashes (page goes white). One can enter the course, click the activity and click the "Enter" button. However the app never gets past the "downloading" stage.

      With dev tools open in the electron app, the debugger pauses saying it is about to run out of memory. Looking at the task manager in Windows, I can see that the memory usage jumps up quickly just before the crash.

      The same crash also appears to happen when downloading a course containing such SCORM packages.

      This bug is present in the latest download of the app obtained from here... https://download.moodle.org/desktop/download.php?platform=windows

      I have only been able to test in a Windows 10 virtual machine, but users report the crash in our customised build too. Oddly, I can build and run the app in a browser locally (using ionic serve) and the bug is not present.

      I am just seeking permission (from a user) to provide an example SCORM package to use for testing (~400MB) if required

      This does not happen in an Android build from the same code base.

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