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Moodle/MWP App - SCORM activity - unable to continue SCORM package on desktop/app once started on app





      PROBLEM: If a SCORM package is taken/started on the mobile app, if the user exits the package, they cannot continue the package on either desktop or the mobile app.

      This occurs on the MWP app (I believe the Moodle app offers the same SCORM functionality).


      • If you complete the SCORM package in one go on the browser it works fine.
      • If you complete the SCORM package in one go on the MWP mobile app it works fine.
      • If you half complete the SCORM on the desktop then continue on the mobile app it works fine/you can complete the package.
      • If you half complete the SCORM on the mobile app (MWP) and try to continue this on the desktop or even the mobile app, you are unable to continue past this point in the SCORM file.

      What happens is, (SCORM dependent) you can click to continue the package but upon actioning an element within the SCORM, it will not progress/continue as it would normally, preventing the user from continuing or finishing the SCORM package.

      Maybe the app cannot handle the extra suspend data? It is as if the suspend data isn't being received correctly?


      Does it work with another SCORM package created in different software?
      No, I have tested this on 2 platforms via desktop & MWP app with SCORM packages. One created using Articulate Storyline and another using Rise and it produced the same results/this did not work.

      Does it work on another MWP platform through the app?
      No, the same problem occurs.

      I have reviewed this page for info: 




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