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      Several linked icons, when read through the screen reader read with "Fas" or "Far" before the actual purpose of the icon. For example; the home icon reads as "Fas-Home" and the calendar icon reads as "Far-Calendar". This is causes confusion. The notification bell and hamburger menu icons read as "Fas-bell" and "Fas-bars", this is not descriptive of the purpose of the icons. The chevrons throughout including in the top navigation read as 'fas chevron left' and 'fas chevron right' or "chevron forward" which is not descriptive on their purpose.

      People who have difficulty perceiving visual content use assistive technology to read text aloud, or convert it to braille. Accurate text alternatives help people who use these technologies. If an alternative text is not appropriate the information being conveyed in the image is missed by those users of assistive technology.

      Add accurate and descriptive alt text for informative linked icons.

      Related problems that should be solved:

      • There is no alt text for the activity type icons. "There is no alt text for the activity type icons.
      • The back button reads as 'fa button' "
      • The "+' button to add a topic reads as "close-fas-plus". This button needs meaningful text. (on Forum discussion.
      • "The icons ""fas-times"", ""fas-code"", ""fas-plus"" have insufficient alt text. Informative images require a descriptive alt text. The buttons to open and close the Advanced section read ""fas-caret-right"", ""fas-caret-down"" and ""Advanced"", this is not descriptive of their function." (Post reply).




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