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offline mode: tries to dowload all files from forum at once



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      In last days, we're facing a performance problem when using official mobile app with offline mode activaded, in a specific case:

      A user, using iphone (this detail may help to experts), tries making offline a course, and there is forum with several mp3, mp4, pdf, pps, and other files, and the app tries to get all documents at once. All those dozens of files are requested within the same second as apache logs states.

      This makes one of our fronted nodes to reach the maximum of apache connections, making the node to be blocked for some minutes (< 5 minutes). We have a load balancer that redirects requests of the same session to the same frontend server.

      Do you think it make sense to start an issue to make this offline mode (at least for the forum, I don't know how offline mode works actually) to download files iteratively or up to a maximum number of connections concurrently? Or somehow a queue of resources to download progressively, requesting new resources only after other resources have been doanloaded?

      This may help to ensure a fair use of the both client and server side resources.


      NOTE: FYI: This was commented on the Moodle Dev chat, and Dani Palou suggedted me to create an issue here. Thanks for the support!




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