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First time login: new password


      We have a mobile-first approach, so students are not using the browser whatsoever; they only access via the mobile app. We are running a pilot with 200 users, expecting to reach around 30,000 in 2022.

      One of the main issues we have identified in the onboarding process is that currently new users with a temporary password (and forced to create a new password when logging in for the first time) need to to create the new password in the browser even though they access via the app. This also happens when accepting policies.

      It would be great if they don't "leave" the app during these two steps. This will improve the UX generating a smoother app onboarding process.


      1. Create a new user with a temporary password and force new password
      2. New user access via the app
      3. Generating new password and policies acceptance is "outside" the app.

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