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      We can use modals when creating/editing things instead of using a new page. Some things we talked about:

      • In phone it should be fullscreen, in tablet it can use less space. Edu thought maybe we can use a side modal in tablet. We need to decide if in tablet we want this to be an "overlay" modal (appears on top, and the background items cannot be clicked) or it should behave similar to split view. Technically, overlay is a lot easier.
      • We should display a fixed button at bottom to send/save the data. We didn't decide whether it was better to put a cancel button there too or just use an "X" or cancel button in the top bar. We should use the same approach in all edit forms.
      • Some forms can have 3 actions when editing offline items: Save, Cancel, Discard.
      • In case of having a backdrop, the modal shouldn't be closed if backdrop is clicked to prevent missclicks.
      • Modals don't have guards, so we need to make sure to warn the user before "losing" data (e.g. if he clicks the Android back button).
      • Related to the previous point, it could happen that a user launches the app with a URL scheme (to open a certain page) while a form is opened. We shouldn't automatically close the modal in that case to prevent losing data.

      We should use this issue to review other modals that we already have in the app so the styles look similar in the whole app.


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