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In-line reminders in places where future dates are available



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    • Moodle App 4.1.0


      There are several places where we can add quick reminder sets, similar to apps like Netflix and Reddit do:

      • Activities with future time open dates set: Quiz, assignment and feedback, big blue button, chats, etc..
      • Future courses
      • Activities with availability time restrictions set
      • Sections with availability time restrictions set

      This could connect with MOBILE-3908 although it won't necessarily create a calendar reminder (maybe is not necessary? We can just add quick reminders, not events like Google does)

      This needs some shaping, some ideas:

      • After a reminder is set, the icon changes colour and becomes active (check Netflix, Reddit, youtube, twitch)
      • To cancel or re-schedule a reminder, click on the active icon and options will be displayed in an in-line popup to delete/re-schedule maybe?
      • Notifications tab in the app should have an option to see active reminders (so they can be deleted from there as well or you can go to the related activity)
      • How to reset the time? how to cancel? Long press on top of the bell? Display a modal with several options as other apps do?
      • What happen when the teacher edits a date and the user already had a reminder set for the original date?




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