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Decide whether to use USE_EXACT_ALARM instead of SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM


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      Fron 4.0.2 onwards we use the permission SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM because we target SDK 31. After SDK 33 apps can use one of these permissions.

      The main difference is that when using SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM the users can decide to reject the permission, and I guess in that case local notifications wouldn't work. The permission USE_EXACT_ALARM cannot be rejected, but you need a justified reason to use it. Our app has an acceptable use case (calendar), but maybe we need to justify it for each branded app (and some of them might not have calendar enabled).

      When using SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM, a new section appears in the app settings to let the user disable scheduling alarms. This setting is enabled by default. If the user disables this setting, the app won't be able to display local notifications. If USE_EXACT_ALARM is used instead, this section doesn't appear and the user cannot disable the alarms. See attachments

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