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Warning message when using the Moodle app "Your input appears to be in full screen mode. No input is allowed on sites in full screen mode."



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      Hello community,

      we are using the Moodle app on iOS, iPadOS and Android.
      Recently, when using courses in full screen mode, this message appears on iOS and iPadOS, but not on Android:

      "Your input appears to be in full screen mode.
      No input is allowed on websites in full screen mode. "moodleappfs:|/ localhost/main/home/course/74/ contents?
      course=param-7&isGuest=false" displays
      possibly a fake keyboard to trick you into revealing personal or financial information.

      Stay in full screen mode
      Full screen off"

      This message appears e.g. when processing various tasks e.g. single-choice, true-false etc.

      I am surprised that this message also occurs in the Moodle app, since it is an app and not a website. We don't have this problem with other apps, only with the Moodle app and apparently after one of the last Moodle app updates.
      That this problem shows up on the Moodle website is understandable according to the warning message, but that it also shows up within the Moodle app is inconvenient. The message also unfortunately appears not just once, but more or less for every question, which is very annoying. Also, we use the Moodle app with people with disabilities who can't do anything with this warning message.

      Yours sincerely,

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