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App: Multiple accounts, same course(s) in one device



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      (this issue / idea is also in the forum: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=426530#p1809953)

      To facilitate a deployment of learning environment in a rural project where internet connectivity is minimum to non-existent, I need to prepare 70 tablets that are ready to go: course(s) is (are) to be available offline.

      Noel de Martin from Moodle (Noel De Martin) pointed out that within the app, each user-site combination is treated as a different site, even if it was the same site with a different user. If one want to use it offline, one would need to download the course for each user.

      The question is: Is there any way that I can trick / modify the app (forked from github) to treat the site for each user to see to the same assets folder? The site's assets will be foremostly extracted SCORMĀ files.

      What I have in mind for now is the following (the manual way):
      1. create / import 70 users, password predefined
      2. enrol them into the course (using the web admin interface)
      3. login the 70 users into 1 tablet, one-by-one --and after each login, download the course(s) to be available offline
      4. once downloaded, repeat with the next user, download the course(s) to be available online, etc.
      5. after user no. 70, logout from the app
      6. pull the assets from the tablet (adb pull /sdcard/Android/data/com.moodle.modifiedmoodleapp/sites assetdump/)
      7. make a backup of the app's database (adb backup com.moodle.modifiedmoodleapp -f backup.ab -apk -shared)
      8. install the moodle app .APK to the rest of the tablets (n= 69)
      9. restore the database (adb restore backup.ab)
      10. push the assets (adb push assetdump /sdcard/Android/data/com.moodle.modifiedmoodleapp/sites)
      11. HOPEFULLY the all the 70 users can now login into the moodle app offline

      The steps mentioned here are Android specific, this is due to the target deployment will be using Android tablets. I have not done similar approach with iOS devices (I know there is IDB, but I am yet to explore that)




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