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Follow-up possible improvements on Global search




      Some possible improvements:

      • The app doesn't have a Ctrl+F option, could we have the global search in the course even if the block isn't available?
      • Noel mentioned that the 'Courses' on 'Filter results by' is searching course names as well as course custom fields. I tested looking for two which is a course custom field in several courses.
        It looks like this:
        • If you tap on it, it 'only' opens the course. I was expecting that it would open the information of the course, like this:
      • Regarding the search block (the global search block on the course) i tested the following:
        • The string was changed from 'Global search' to 'Search'
        • The 'Search in' is not shown, and it is searching only on that course
        • Maybe the 'Courses' on 'Filter results by' shouldn't be displayed in this case. Except if we consider that course custom fields are really relevant and anyway the info will not be opened so it is a bit strange
      • searchbanner is 'Search information_. (They are both minor things.)
        • The autolink is not working on the app.
          On the app:

          On browser:
        • I found strange that something related to information has a red background but as LMS mentions 'This can be used to inform users when search engine maintenance is being carried out.' maybe it is ok. That said is the '!' icon necesserary on the app?
          (See previous screenshots.)
      • This is a general possible improvement (it also happens on Calendar): users don't know when a filter is being applied. We used to have an empty filter icon when there was no filtering and a filled icon when there was filtering .. it was subtle but it was something. Now there is nothing to indicate the filtering is happening.

      Thanks for your time!

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