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Support Bootstrap popovers



      In quiz, we receive some help icons that use Bootstrap popovers to display the info in Moodle LMS (these popovers are used since Moodle 3.7, before they used a different system). We're hiding these icons, but it would probably be better to display them and make Bootstrap popovers work in the app (it can be useful for teachers too).

      This can be reproduced in "4.4 > [MoodleMobile Testing] > Quiz > Quiz: Deferred with CBM" with user u1, when reviewing the attempt.

      We aready have some code to support Boostrap tooltips (CoreDomUtils.handleBootstrapTooltips), popovers should be quite similar. 

      Example of the HTML code using popovers:

      <a class="btn btn-link p-0" role="button" data-container="body" data-toggle="popover" data-placement="right" data-content="HTML CONTENT" data-html="true" tabindex="0" data-trigger="focus" aria-label="Help">
        <i class="icon fa fa-question-circle text-info fa-fw " title="Help with CBM grades" role="img" aria-label="Help with CBM grades"></i>

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