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T Key Summary Assignee P Status Resolution Created Updated Components Affects Version/s Development Integrator Resolved
Sub-task MDL-32914

MDL-31901 "View as list" in the filemanager terminates the session

Marina Glancy Blocker Closed Fixed Filepicker, Files API 2.3
Sub-task MDL-32473

MDL-31901 Filepicker should use lazy loading instead of pagination

Marina Glancy Minor Closed Fixed Filepicker 2.3
Sub-task MDL-32083

MDL-31901 Filepicker tree view should display folders starting from top

Marina Glancy Minor Closed Fixed Filepicker 2.2.2
Sub-task MDL-14636

MDL-31901 Enhanced sorting of files

Marina Glancy Critical Closed Fixed Filepicker, Files API, Usability 1.9, 2.1.2