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T Key Summary Assignee P Status Resolution Created Updated Components Affects Version/s Development Integrator Resolved
Sub-task MDL-39968

MDL-36316 Bootstrap using non-standard browser sniffing

Dan Poltawski Minor Closed Fixed Themes 2.5
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Sub-task MDL-39967

MDL-36316 Remove IE browser sniffing in admin/cron.php

Dan Poltawski Minor Closed Fixed Libraries 2.6
Sam Hemelryk
Sub-task MDL-39966

MDL-36316 Course format supports_ajax() no longer supports the property testedbrowsers

Andrew Nicols Minor Closed Deferred Course, JavaScript 2.5
Sub-task MDL-39965

MDL-36316 Investigate send_file() browser sniffing

Unassigned Minor Closed Not a bug Files API 2.6
Sub-task MDL-39964

MDL-36316 Activity completion report should use feature detection rather than browser sniffing

Dan Poltawski Minor Closed Fixed Course completion, JavaScript 2.6
Sam Hemelryk