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T Key Summary Assignee P Status Resolution Created Updated Components Affects Version/s Development Integrator Resolved
Sub-task MDL-40350

MDL-38012 Refactor reset course form

Unassigned Minor Open Unresolved Forms Library, Usability 2.5, 2.6.4, 2.7.1
Sub-task MDL-39144

MDL-38012 Re-arrange the "Edit my profile" form.

moodle.com Major Open Unresolved Usability 2.5, 2.6
Sub-task MDL-38308

MDL-38012 When opening a form section, auto-scroll so the whole section is visible

moodle.com Minor Open Unresolved Forms Library 2.5
Sub-task MDL-24640

MDL-38012 Change interface of repeat_elements to decouple function arguments from elements, added to the form by it

moodle.com Minor Reopened Unresolved Forms Library 2.0, 2.5
Sub-task MDL-20732

MDL-38012 Allow adding blanks of repeated elements to form without page reloading

moodle.com Minor Open Unresolved Forms Library, Usability 1.9.6, 2.5