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T Key Summary Assignee P Status Resolution Created Updated Components Affects Version/s Development Integrator Resolved
Sub-task MDL-40360

MDL-38081 remove .label from rubric definition page

Luca Bösch Minor Closed Fixed Grading methods, HTML and CSS 2.5, 3.6.5, 3.7.1
Adrian Greeve Adrian Greeve
Sub-task MDL-38130

MDL-38081 remove .btn class from login block

Luca Bösch Minor Closed Fixed Blocks, Themes 2.5
Sub-task MDL-38086

MDL-38081 remove .label from course activities

Bas Brands Blocker Closed Won't Fix Course, Themes 2.5
Sam Hemelryk Sam Hemelryk
Sub-task MDL-38085

MDL-38081 remove .label from file-picker

Mary Evans Minor Closed Fixed Filepicker, Themes 2.5
Sub-task MDL-38082

MDL-38081 Remove .label from profile page

Mary Evans Minor Closed Fixed Themes 2.5