Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-1076] - App doesn't notice local_mobile is installed on a site already stored
  • [MOBILE-1131] - iOS: HTML in Notifications
  • [MOBILE-1140] - Audio Files not playing
  • [MOBILE-1141] - Unable to return from Vimeo/YouTube
  • [MOBILE-1143] - App not loading on Chrome/Chromium Windows
  • [MOBILE-1146] - App fails to load when viewed in iOS devices
  • [MOBILE-1147] - Unexpected error. Please close and reopen the application to try again.
  • [MOBILE-1149] - Pull to refresh on mod_book: always shows the first chapter, not the current one
  • [MOBILE-1169] - Course completion: "Completion of other courses" status is not shown right
  • [MOBILE-1171] - Some checks if addon is enabled are wrong
  • [MOBILE-1172] - IMSCP: Pull to refresh loading is shown forever
  • [MOBILE-1173] - Can't see discussions from non-contacts
  • [MOBILE-1175] - Moodle icon not shown in push notifications received with the app in foreground
  • [MOBILE-1180] - iOS: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'm.offsetX')

New Feature

  • [MOBILE-1104] - Add support for course completion display



  • [MOBILE-975] - Translate participant's country name
  • [MOBILE-1017] - Handle deleted users
  • [MOBILE-1019] - Update site info periodically
  • [MOBILE-1079] - Implement an app "init process"
  • [MOBILE-1124] - Accessibility improvements
  • [MOBILE-1133] - Upgrade to ionic 1.0.1 (and fix dependency issues)
  • [MOBILE-1135] - Reconnect should not allow back
  • [MOBILE-1136] - Error message on failed request is ambiguous
  • [MOBILE-1137] - Display and retrieve un-expected erros in the app so we can get feedback
  • [MOBILE-1139] - Do not show the grades option if grades are disabled for a course
  • [MOBILE-1142] - Improve accessibility for iOs and Android using headings
  • [MOBILE-1144] - Pass username, password and service to login/token.php in $mmSitesManager#siteExists to be able to use CORS
  • [MOBILE-1153] - Modify language files doesn't automatically build in ionic serve

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