Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 2.9 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-1224] - Videos and audios in descriptions aren't playable
  • [MOBILE-1399] - Errors shown in log if you logout when certain operations are being executed
  • [MOBILE-1400] - Chat messages are not displayed in full
  • [MOBILE-1403] - Error downloading or viewing files in iOs app
  • [MOBILE-1412] - Show right error message and update module status in resource downloads
  • [MOBILE-1425] - Users asked to login twice using a browser window on custom apps
  • [MOBILE-1427] - SCORM: Error downloading SCORM if package is updated and course contents view is cached
  • [MOBILE-1428] - LMSFinish is returning bool values instead a string with the bool value as a literal
  • [MOBILE-1432] - Incorrect nesting of some elements in the side menu
  • [MOBILE-1437] - Message delete button has too much height in iOS
  • [MOBILE-1438] - Show loading when searching in a glossary

New Feature

  • [MOBILE-1158] - Capture links in content and redirect to addon when possible
  • [MOBILE-1279] - Implementing mod_glossary
  • [MOBILE-1319] - New option for messages: delete messages in a conversation
  • [MOBILE-1357] - Capture links in content and redirect to course
  • [MOBILE-1404] - Support opening app pages via Custom URL Schemes
  • [MOBILE-1414] - Add a new option in the local_mobile plugin for checking the plugin configuration status


  • [MOBILE-1160] - Investigate serving of aliased audio files from mod_book
  • [MOBILE-1341] - Backport glossary functions to local_mobile
  • [MOBILE-1430] - Release Moodle Mobile version 2.9


  • [MOBILE-1358] - Display the site or my courses page to the user based on the defaulthomepage setting value
  • [MOBILE-1391] - Allow executing SCORM functions in any site
  • [MOBILE-1392] - Speed up loading of course sections
  • [MOBILE-1397] - Pass parameters to login/token.php only in browser
  • [MOBILE-1407] - Backport core_notes_delete_notes to local_mobile
  • [MOBILE-1408] - Preseve file names in the file pool
  • [MOBILE-1423] - Capture links with target = _parent, _blank and _top
  • [MOBILE-1429] - Embeded media like audios or videos shouldn't be downloaded is they are big
  • [MOBILE-1433] - Add a class to each ion-content to identify the template/state
  • [MOBILE-1439] - Resources download should alert the user about the file size

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