Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 3.0.0 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-1436] - Fix package.json to make ionic state restore work
  • [MOBILE-1447] - Embedded videos without type cannot be played in the app
  • [MOBILE-1448] - Base64 image are not displayed in the application
  • [MOBILE-1449] - Users can't to log in when using a custom URL scheme because the URL is checked against the string "moodlemobile://token="
  • [MOBILE-1450] - Remove white spaces at the end of a string in the core english language
  • [MOBILE-1452] - HTML5 video player controls cannot be retrieved when they disappear in Android
  • [MOBILE-1454] - URL Suffix Requirement Stops Access To Internal Sites Without One
  • [MOBILE-1457] - Fix courses filter (broken due to ng-if added)
  • [MOBILE-1459] - Open module in browser is being captured by contentlinks, so it's opened in the app
  • [MOBILE-1460] - Force the mod_resource to open html files always inside an iframe
  • [MOBILE-1462] - SCORM: Don't open link in InAppBrowser if it was already prevented
  • [MOBILE-1465] - Hide not available options in user profile and my courses
  • [MOBILE-1487] - Blocking a user from messaging has a typo in the button
  • [MOBILE-1495] - Uploading 2 consecutive videos in iOS only stores one
  • [MOBILE-1497] - If a book has several images with the same name it always displays the same image for all of them
  • [MOBILE-1498] - Hide URL and allow zoom in InAppBrowser
  • [MOBILE-1513] - Anchor links are navigating to frontpage instead of scrolling
  • [MOBILE-1518] - Section description isn't shown in "All sections" if the course only has 1 section
  • [MOBILE-1527] - Fix issues found during 3.0.0 release testing

New Feature

  • [MOBILE-1461] - Add support for the wiki module in the app
  • [MOBILE-1519] - Prefetch data for wiki Module to use it when offline



  • [MOBILE-1456] - They keyboard accessory bar with the next, previous and done buttons are hidden
  • [MOBILE-1485] - Turn off autocorrect for search field
  • [MOBILE-1499] - Chat auto reconnect and improve delay with sending messages
  • [MOBILE-1502] - Refresh recent discussions if a new conversation is started
  • [MOBILE-1506] - Replace the top right icon in messages with the user image
  • [MOBILE-1508] - Go to message discussion from Contacts tab
  • [MOBILE-1509] - Show user image in each notification
  • [MOBILE-1520] - Show description of the wiki only in the main page
  • [MOBILE-1524] - Show spinner while calculating status and download size when downloading a section


  • [MOBILE-1445] - Support immediate feedback, redo questions and CBM

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