Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 3.1.1 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-1521] - Use the official npm package for local-notifications plugin
  • [MOBILE-1609] - Don't show SCORM enter button if get some data fails
  • [MOBILE-1616] - Support question dependencies in quiz
  • [MOBILE-1617] - Iframe inner links not working on iOS
  • [MOBILE-1620] - Quiz error if a gradebook grade doesn't have feedback
  • [MOBILE-1621] - Glossary doesn't display the activity description
  • [MOBILE-1625] - CBE Competency status overlaps title
  • [MOBILE-1626] - Grades are not correctly displayed in courses including only the percentage column
  • [MOBILE-1628] - Quiz dropdowns are not very usable on iOS
  • [MOBILE-1630] - Users asked to login more than once when the token is expired
  • [MOBILE-1642] - Local notifications icon isn't shown in Android with Moodle Mobile 3.1.0
  • [MOBILE-1643] - YouTube embedded videos are not seen in iOS
  • [MOBILE-1645] - Activity automatic completion is only auto-updated if it's configured to autocomplete on view


New Feature



  • [MOBILE-1654] - Warn the user that file uploading is not working in 3.1

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