Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 3.1.3 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-1631] - Pre-fetch support for existing modules


  • [MOBILE-1656] - Chat title is shown under icons
  • [MOBILE-1680] - Language string problem if custom app in www folder
  • [MOBILE-1707] - "Do not reply to this email" conversation shown in the app
  • [MOBILE-1709] - Unable to click on links and buttons on "Choice" fields of a multiple choice question
  • [MOBILE-1722] - Quiz prefetch fails if we cannot retrieve the grade from gradebook
  • [MOBILE-1725] - Custom URL schemes stopped working in iOS 9.3.3
  • [MOBILE-1726] - False positive in extensions and error downloading SCORM for the first time
  • [MOBILE-1727] - False collision detection when synchronizing SCORM
  • [MOBILE-1734] - Admins cannot upload files to private files
  • [MOBILE-1750] - Graded on field is showing and invalid date in the Feedback section
  • [MOBILE-1752] - Ignore javascript links in mmIframe
  • [MOBILE-1753] - Race condition in $mmFilepool#_removeFileById makes it fail
  • [MOBILE-1755] - Contextual menu actions stopped working
  • [MOBILE-1757] - Rich text editor in iOs is not usable
  • [MOBILE-1762] - Back button not shown when seeing a discussion in phone mode
  • [MOBILE-1767] - Quiz "Try again" button not working with hints
  • [MOBILE-1770] - Grades add-on is broken
  • [MOBILE-1776] - Mini site resources description overlays content
  • [MOBILE-1778] - Restart filepool queue when device goes online
  • [MOBILE-1781] - Submission status view is not correctly cached
  • [MOBILE-1800] - Context menu items duplicated in forum
  • [MOBILE-1801] - Add more extensions to mimetypes.json
  • [MOBILE-1815] - Downloaded images not seen in iOS10
  • [MOBILE-1819] - Discard offline sync actions only in some cases
  • [MOBILE-1823] - Local notifications not working in iOS 10
  • [MOBILE-1837] - Time submitted difference on assignments is not correct

New Feature


  • [MOBILE-1758] - Add link to dev environment setup guide in
  • [MOBILE-1780] - Add "users" and "accounts" moodle.php strings into the core/lang/en.json


  • [MOBILE-1349] - Setting a background color breaks the style
  • [MOBILE-1371] - Make input fields distinct from other elements on login
  • [MOBILE-1377] - Center avatar on side menu and profile screen
  • [MOBILE-1503] - Use a toggle instead of long press to delete messages
  • [MOBILE-1530] - Don't show download button in SCORMs if protectpackagedownloads
  • [MOBILE-1619] - Redirect to My Courses page if the Site Home is forced but empty
  • [MOBILE-1691] - Add lockonly parameter to wiki get contents for editing
  • [MOBILE-1698] - Show grading status on assignment submission list
  • [MOBILE-1712] - Allow configuring moodlewssettingfileurl for WS requests
  • [MOBILE-1718] - Use the excludecontents option in get_course_contents when displaying course sections
  • [MOBILE-1724] - Execute sync hooks using cron delegate when the user clicks to sync a site
  • [MOBILE-1729] - Decrease usage of getFiles in prefetch delegate
  • [MOBILE-1730] - Prefetch description files and embedded files - refactoring the existing prefetch
  • [MOBILE-1731] - Remove iOS 9 temporary patches
  • [MOBILE-1732] - Update Ionic to version 1.3.1
  • [MOBILE-1736] - Change Android notification color
  • [MOBILE-1738] - Change search boxes to fit small screens
  • [MOBILE-1740] - Improve "cannot calculate size" handling
  • [MOBILE-1760] - Create common synchronisation functions and helpers.
  • [MOBILE-1761] - Create a directive to show header buttons from split view right pane template
  • [MOBILE-1765] - Get rid of the app name from the language files
  • [MOBILE-1768] - Offline sync consistency
  • [MOBILE-1771] - Redirect user to web when we receive a force password exception
  • [MOBILE-1774] - Remove the image from core/components/login/template/init and use styles instead
  • [MOBILE-1779] - Add a new config.json skipssoconfirmation
  • [MOBILE-1793] - Show icon share to notify user survey results is leaving the app
  • [MOBILE-1797] - Show forum messages default by older first
  • [MOBILE-1799] - Decide how and where to place synchronization button and warnings
  • [MOBILE-1803] - Change error messages when adding site to reduce frustration
  • [MOBILE-1817] - Block syncing when editing forum discussion posts
  • [MOBILE-1818] - Performance improvements for the mobile app
  • [MOBILE-1821] - Hide delete buttons after deleting a site
  • [MOBILE-1822] - Remove "Enable download sections" setting
  • [MOBILE-1831] - Support locked discussions in the Mobile app

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