Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 3.3.0 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-2028] - Activities cannot be prefetched if created after loading section.
  • [MOBILE-2038] - Uncaught DataError: Evaluating the object store's key path yielded a value that is not a valid key.
  • [MOBILE-2049] - Image is not on the right side when it is set right with the Atto editor
  • [MOBILE-2051] - locally saved resources are loaded again
  • [MOBILE-2055] - font color is not shown
  • [MOBILE-2056] - Responses section should not be displayed if the choice is not open yet
  • [MOBILE-2060] - Moodle Mobile URL scheme API doesn't open course links (and get into the course) on first click
  • [MOBILE-2068] - Fix remote addon packaging in Windows
  • [MOBILE-2072] - Handle hash (#) in SSO launch URL
  • [MOBILE-2075] - Changing the app's default language doesn't use English as fallback language
  • [MOBILE-2085] - Activities are marked as outdated when it shouldn't when using the check updates WS
  • [MOBILE-2086] - Closed quizzes don't show enough info and can't review attempts
  • [MOBILE-2095] - Some array sorting isn't calculated right
  • [MOBILE-2108] - Local notifications icon isn't shown in Android with Moodle Mobile 3.2.1


New Feature

  • [MOBILE-1704] - Review bower.json file
  • [MOBILE-1789] - Support message search
  • [MOBILE-2002] - Show feedback module overview
  • [MOBILE-2003] - Add answer question feature on feedback
  • [MOBILE-2004] - Add offline answer for feedback
  • [MOBILE-2005] - Show feedback Analysis
  • [MOBILE-2006] - Show responses of feedback activity
  • [MOBILE-2007] - Show non-respondents of feedback activity
  • [MOBILE-2009] - Check special sync cases on feedback
  • [MOBILE-2010] - Implement basic lesson without questions
  • [MOBILE-2011] - Support Lesson Appearance options (menu, progress bar, ...)
  • [MOBILE-2012] - Support Lesson time limit and password
  • [MOBILE-2013] - Support all type of questions in Lesson
  • [MOBILE-2014] - Support reviewing Lesson attempts (student)
  • [MOBILE-2015] - Implement prefetch and offline for Lessons with no questions and no random jumps
  • [MOBILE-2016] - Implement prefetch and offline for Lessons with questions and random jumps
  • [MOBILE-2017] - Capture lesson links
  • [MOBILE-2052] - Implement teacher view in Lesson
  • [MOBILE-2078] - Support the new "My overview" block displaying the user courses overview
  • [MOBILE-2096] - Support new OAuth methods natively in the app



  • [MOBILE-1035] - Style and animate mm-loading
  • [MOBILE-1157] - Always display the module description
  • [MOBILE-1870] - Encapsulate commands for setting up and starting dev environment in NPM
  • [MOBILE-1877] - Separation of devDependencies and dependencies in package.json
  • [MOBILE-1883] - Support the "pinned" flag when adding a discussion
  • [MOBILE-1923] - Pre-load the mobilecssurl in the log-in screen
  • [MOBILE-1954] - Check if the user is tracking forum with the new param returned
  • [MOBILE-1963] - Allow disabling sound on notifications
  • [MOBILE-2022] - ePub files should get an icon in Moodle Mobile
  • [MOBILE-2032] - Quiz: support a prepareData function so questions can format the data before it's sent
  • [MOBILE-2034] - Radio buttons in survey (tablet) are hard to click
  • [MOBILE-2036] - mm-file is instantiated twice per file in assign submission
  • [MOBILE-2037] - Support the new visibleoncoursepage field when displaying course contents
  • [MOBILE-2039] - Add message box styles and migrate old styles
  • [MOBILE-2042] - Mark All messages of a discussion as read to reduce data consumption
  • [MOBILE-2063] - Don't invalidate content files in PTR of resources
  • [MOBILE-2064] - Specify Android's targetSdkVersion in config.xml
  • [MOBILE-2074] - Support Captcha question type on Feedback activity
  • [MOBILE-2077] - Handle external files in the mobile app
  • [MOBILE-2081] - Refurbish feedback to follow UX instructions
  • [MOBILE-2087] - Refurbish Lesson to follow UX instructions
  • [MOBILE-2092] - Support activities not accessible because of access restrictions
  • [MOBILE-2098] - Improve the log-in and reconnect pages
  • [MOBILE-2099] - Include a continue button (or arrow) at the bottom when doing a quiz
  • [MOBILE-2100] - Add empty pages template
  • [MOBILE-2102] - Change header on requests to differ from non app
  • [MOBILE-2105] - Apply and fix color palette to the app
  • [MOBILE-2106] - Join feedback tabs
  • [MOBILE-2107] - Launch Google Docs and OneDrive online files to the browser in mod_resource

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