Release Notes - Moodle app - Version 3.5.0 - HTML format


  • [MOBILE-2047] - Can't scroll on an embedded video
  • [MOBILE-2141] - Some plugins can't be installed using Cordova 7
  • [MOBILE-2400] - A SCORM reloads the app when left
  • [MOBILE-2411] - Missing format text in category names
  • [MOBILE-2412] - Vimeo with url parameters are not working
  • [MOBILE-2413] - Custom lang strings replacement tokens are not being treated
  • [MOBILE-2414] - Site announcements forum is duplicated in front page

New Feature

  • [MOBILE-2381] - Support custom app Privacy Policy
  • [MOBILE-2406] - Support new Moodle 3.5 course cards in the app
  • [MOBILE-2421] - Inform student what will happen with their choices
  • [MOBILE-2434] - Display message for classic app when connecting to old Moodle sites
  • [MOBILE-2435] - Display message for new app when connecting to Moodle sites >= 3.1 (in the classic app)



  • [MOBILE-915] - Replace ionic icons with Moodle font icons
  • [MOBILE-1183] - Tablet: Improve navigation with split-view in local notifications and messages
  • [MOBILE-1551] - Support course format plugins/addons
  • [MOBILE-2380] - Disable "Offline", "Download courses" and "Download course"
  • [MOBILE-2392] - Download course option is confusing for already downloaded courses
  • [MOBILE-2408] - Scale properly Vimeo videos in the app
  • [MOBILE-2430] - Improve some styles and UX problems


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