Version 1.8


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Released: 31/Mar/07

Release Notes

BlockerTaskMDL-6332Once 1.7 branch was generated, drop UTF-8 migration support from HEADYu ZhangClosed
BlockerNew FeatureMDL-6857Forbid any upgrade in 1.8 if the DB hasn't been migrated to UTF-8Martin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7114installation failing on infinite loop in forum_add_user_default_subscriptions()Yu ZhangClosed
BlockerTaskMDL-7174Review and fix all Risks associated with capabilitiesPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7253Finish strings for graderolesPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7256Blog RSS is not being generated or somethingPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7297Adding of calendar events brokenPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerTaskMDL-7311Disable session dump in user profile when in debug modePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7313Chat borked for non adminsPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7314Borked lesson for teachersPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerImprovementMDL-7396META BUG: Accessibility Compliance in Moodle 1.8Martin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7488unable to add new activities in HEADJamie PrattClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7611Upgrading from 1.6.3 to 1.7 - italian Version - problem with apostrophe - bad formed SQL syntaxPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-7860Compliance with Italian Legislation on AccessibilityMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-8069Hunt down and convert all hardcoded English strings in the source to use lang packDonal McMullanClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-8131Local user cannot log on if network user with same username existsDonal McMullanClosed
BlockerTaskMDL-8152Test that external DB auth and external DB enrol is working under all DBsEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-8159Installation fails with 'Query failed in load_user_capability' in admin/user.phpMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8170install.php error about redeclared print_object() functionMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8203dbfamily check before dbfamily has been createdEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-8234New groups code & AS keywordNick FreearClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8236"external" is a reserved word under mssql (due to odbc)Roberto PinnaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8237"access" is a reserved word under oracleEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-8238Error "JSON" not found when going into groups link from course pageVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
BlockerTaskMDL-8247Review CVS 17_STABLE unmerged files before branchingMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8291error in Upgrading Moodle database from version 1.8 dev (2007012101) to 1.8 dev (2007012400)...Martin DougiamasClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-8294During upgrade group IDs aren't maintained - breaks activities/modulesNick FreearClosed
BlockerTaskMDL-8331Test all the DB upgrade paths...Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerTaskMDL-8333Test all the DB installsEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-8352Fully separate CONTEXT_COURSE, SITEID from COURSE_SYSTEMPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerImprovementMDL-8527Add environment checks at the beginning of every upgradeMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8542External db auth cleanup - METAPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8590Auth cleanup - METAPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8652Impossible to navigate to next page in a quiz with page breaksTim HuntClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8669email-based signup brokenPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8690Fix up our use of fieldsets on forms, change some to divYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8713Big display problems when filterall is enabledMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8720mnet index upgrade causes error and stops upgradeDonal McMullanClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8730Call to undefined function while installNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8738Database ActivityMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8785Remove timestart and timeend from consideration by load_user_capability()Martin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8792frameset used to show resources but not allowed at allNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8842Update Moodle timezones files to address 2007 changes in the USMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8871SCORM packages are not being upgraded properlyRoberto PinnaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8955Multilang filter doesn't accept different attribute orderPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8963Group enrollment keys no longer recognisedNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-1899Some thoughts about the SITEID constantPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-4084Not all questions and question categories get backed upTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-4943print_simple_box behavior changedMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalNew FeatureMDL-5229add GB18030 to sitemailcharsetPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-5277Extra utf decoding in external DB (patch included)Petr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6060Automatically assign creator LDAP does not work if a comma is in the DNPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6224Syntax error creating tables on installAnthony SukkarClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6258Change Password button for External DB authenticationPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6301Assignment ReportsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6674New AJAX in weekly format has a few serious but probably easy-to-fix bugsEdward CoyneClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6844data mappingPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalNew FeatureMDL-6858Forbid installation of 1.8 if the DB isn't UnicodeYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6910Non-editing teacher can editMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7177Checkbox value not saved when saving changes from admin search pagePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7224Inconsistent moving of blocks between columns (AJAX course formats, editing mode)Vy-Shane Sin FatClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7225Pinned blocks aren't handled at all by AJAX course editingVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7248Omitted wiki HTML editor when editing a page the second timeMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7261Current xmldb_dbg() shows some problems...Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalNew FeatureMDL-7277Allow SCORM module to handle external scorm packagesMaximino Pecero SánchezClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7281Drag&Drop not working with "Enable AJAX" onMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalTaskMDL-7296Disable global search by default and mark as experimentalPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-7298fix or at least document moodle/calendar:manageownentries in default rolePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7320Adding new users concurrently overwrites each otherPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7428Quiz regrade removes student answers from essay questions that have been gradedTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7519Site wide - item specific role not workingYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7631Incorrect grading when Each attempt builds on the last and questions on more than one pagePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-7666Missing s() on current value in admin_setting_configtext classPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-7668Broken handling of magic quotes in admin settings and set_config in generalPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7828Backup with error PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4) under windows when moodledata on different drivePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7829Zipping with binary zip broken under windows when moodledata on different diskPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7837auth_ldap_bulk_insert() fails when user data contains single quotesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7838Resource new window parameters configurationPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7896Fatal error from random questions in adaptive modeTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7939Courses hidden to students does not allow editing teacher to see and edit itYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8039Form id collission with body id when editing coursePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8097auth field locking does not work at all after multiauth mergePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8102[ and ] not allowed in element idJamie PrattClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8117div nested in span for grouped elements in formslibJamie PrattClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8139req-Logo not translatbleMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8178cannot loginDan PoltawskiClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8180impossible to add a news feed URLMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8280Edit user profile page, error under PostgreSQLEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-8323Add proper setup of course $CFG variables, fix use of global $COURSEPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8337has_capability() ignored default roles for $userid and does not detect $USER changePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8347Cannot create new glossary category if category with same name exists in another course on sitePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8348Cannot add create course capapbilty to editingn teacher rolePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-8351TEXT: lesson_answers->responseEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-8392Permanent Message "Chameleon is loading..."Petr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8408Saves to database activity module templates failsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8417Extend check_browser_version() to include other A-Grade YUI browsersNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8476Administration/Server/Email setting "Allow users to select character set" causes send() to diePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8479Problem with DB authentication and UnicodePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8480When syncronishing lang from external DB auth, it's not workingYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8520resource navigation borked by accessibility frame changesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8560Chameleon not loading pix list on start pagePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8563Question Import of GIFT for True/False Question Type Reports Error and FailsHoward MillerClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8564Groups not working when viewing quiz reportsNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8576Feedback messages displayed in the wrong place in QuizTim HuntClosed
CriticalTaskMDL-8580Heavily Document Upgrade ProcedureMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-8637TEXT:lesson_answers->answerMark NielsenClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8647Links and arrows (->) in nav-bar are broken...Nicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8688quiz questions always default to a picture, should default to none.Yu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8741Course with non-forced groups was not allowing people to reply into discussions started by other group membersMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8757Forum not sending email?Nicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8765user preference code cleanupPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8840Loginas cleanupPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8843Breadcrumb breaks down in LessonMark NielsenClosed
CriticalTaskMDL-8870pages serving swf and mpg files are not completeNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8896Quotes not being escaped/unescaped correctly in Oracle database - data getting mangled!Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-8946Impossible to export questions from a category other than DefaultTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8982Empty multi-select breaks XHTML strictNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8997Group icon disappears if visible or separateNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9052Small inconsitency when accesing to forums from emails...Martin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9054Upgrading from 1.8 beta (2-3 weeks old) to current one, not able to login...Petr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9055wrong creation of mnet auth object in require_logout()Petr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9097glossary pages break xhtml strictEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9107"Add random question" error of Quiz module in moodle 1.8Tim HuntClosed
MajorNew FeatureMDL-1304Add bulk import/export of events capability to calendarMartín LanghoffClosed
MajorBugMDL-2268Duplicate mail in Moodle`s DatabasePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-4183User can't request new password twicePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-4465don't allow creation of bad questionsTim HuntClosed
MajorNew FeatureMDL-4793Multiple question preview windowTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-5120not allowed <hr> in content of element <span>Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-5736search string retained, leading to confusion plus 'view single' seach results oddnessYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-5823LDAP authentication uses a mix of username and idnumberPetr SkodaClosed
MajorNew FeatureMDL-5964need html editor for comments in databasePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-5984site emails not including site languagePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6363typo in mod/forum/restorelib.php prevents grouped discussions from being accessible to group after a restore.Vy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-6383New AJAX course formats should detect browser versionVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-6390File Links Are Not Being Re-written In Assignments When Restoring a CoursePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6401External database authentication and error login messagePetr SkodaClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-6450Encrypt bind password in the DB for LDAP authenticationMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-6504Allow attachements / file upload in BlogsYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-6519Dollar ($) signs in data module text fields not preserved.Petr SkodaClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-6566write to $restorelog should be done via a standard functionAlan ThompsonClosed
MajorBugMDL-6629'sessioncookie' value of lib/defaults.php is not set under installation process.Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6666Help link text - comma makes JAWS screenreader pauseYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-6668Database mod search error on PostgresPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6704Missing encoding checks /auth/ldap/lib.phpPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6719Cannot add quiz if grade boundary not correctly specified in settings page.Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-6726Automatic deletion of users when deleteunconfirmed is setted to 'never'Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6795Stats never runs. stats_monthly table gets very fullPenny LeachClosed
MajorBugMDL-6823Installation on MS SQL with several SQL instances on one serverEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-6848Display problem with < > characters in shortanswer question textTim HuntClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-6914formslib.php improvementJamie PrattClosed
MajorBugMDL-6916Groups icons don't work as they should under AJAX editingVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-6920unable to login - login/index.php page is blank upon submit of un and pwPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6931CAS server login failsMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-6940mod\glossary\comment.htmlPetr SkodaClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-6949course\edit.htmlPetr SkodaClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-6961mod\forum\post.htmlPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-6969Edit Icon in Internet ExplorerVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-6987mod\assignment\mod.htmlPetr SkodaClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-7013mod\resource\type\common.htmlPetr SkodaClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-7017mod\wiki\mod.htmlJamie PrattClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-7024user\edit.htmlShane ElliottClosed
MajorBugMDL-7033Can't restore quiz questions, nor add questions to the restored EMPTY quizesTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-7045RSS update and caching broken for some feedsPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7057Disappearing Course with IE & AJAX Formatmoodle.comClosed
MajorTaskMDL-7070Add file upload functionality to formslibPetr SkodaClosed
MajorNew FeatureMDL-7075in users table, a career / eduational counselor should be associated with a studentYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-7087Examview XML exports fail whenever there are apostrophes within the answers.Howard MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-7105Internal zipping broken on win32Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7110prefix_user.{firstname,lastname} have incorrect size in PostgresEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-7120When unassigning a role, forum_role_unassign unsubscribes the user even if you have other roles therePetr SkodaClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-7137Role definition and overrides - add capability name and link to docsMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-7143Ajax drag and drop blocks only works in left column!Vy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-7156fix has_capability() to work when $nomoodlecookie = true;Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7157`mdl_shb_user`.`lang` is with varchar 10 too short for individual UTF-8 langnamesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-7160Problems with Private MessagingPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7164Block instances not deleted correctly when deleting a courseYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-7176Excel export may return a zero bytes file - problem with excel temp directoryPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7182Guests and"enrol in this course" linkMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-7215JS Error/Disabled AJAX with IE6 & Weekly Course FormatVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-7239block_admin / Authorize plugin shows the count of pending orders for every user.Martin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-7241Sorting by "Completed" in Manually Graded quiz questions is not accurateTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-7245Students unable to create new blog entriesPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7262HEAD install is brokenEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-7283With "Enable AJAX" off the move cursor is still shown in the topics course.Vy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-7293AJAX not working in block coloumns where sticky blocks are presentVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-7299Google follows links on recent activity page and gets too much duplicate contentPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7316Fix errors in quiz overview downloadPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7344Adding metacourses can fail due to 10 second time limitSam MarshallClosed
MajorBugMDL-7349Examview format does not correctly handle XHTML in question/answer textHoward MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-7376xmldb might not be as smart about naming collisions as we thinkEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-7389Paypal plugin reports error even when student correctly enrolledPetr SkodaClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-7439Remove conditional encodings now that we use only utf-8Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-7440ajax drag&drop course ignores theme set iconsVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-7455Database Activity Fatal Error after removing filed used for sortingPetr SkodaClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-7466HTML editor is not keyboard accessibleVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-7467Avoid the use of colour alone to indicate correct answersVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
MajorBugMDL-7513Not possible to create role with access to view all courses (by default)Sam MarshallClosed
MajorBugMDL-7529CLONE -Students cannot enrol with Paypal plugin when using PHP4Petr SkodaClosed
MajorNew FeatureMDL-7543YUI 0.12 is outVy-Shane Sin FatClosed
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