Version 1.9


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Released: 03/Mar/08

Release Notes

BlockerBugMDL-6786Improve dropping of block and module tables during uninstallPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerNew FeatureMDL-6826Edit Resources without previewingNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerImprovementMDL-8527Add environment checks at the beginning of every upgradeMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8590Auth cleanup - METAPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8605Reduce the number of dirs under the users file areaNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8703Serious problem upgrading Quiz tables on MYSQL using a SUB SELECTTim HuntClosed
BlockerBugMDL-8720mnet index upgrade causes error and stops upgradeDonal McMullanClosed
BlockerBugMDL-9209CLONE -SCORM packages are not being upgraded properlyDan MarsdenClosed
BlockerBugMDL-9349Purging of query cache is brokenEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-9420Apparently broken "networking" feature in 1.8Donal McMullanClosed
BlockerBugMDL-9478frameset linking zip resourcesMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerImprovementMDL-9501META: Implement Event APIYu ZhangClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-9506Write core API functions lib/gradelib.php and unit testsNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-9840event handlers not installed during fresh installationPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-9972grades unit tests eat grades_xx tables in PHP5Nicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10075Can't add rtl css files. Does Moodle load theme/config.php several times with different $CFG set?Urs HunklerClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-10202merge raw and final grade tablesPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10276Text cleaning troublePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10341user search XSSPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-10345Group and Grand totalsYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-104361.9 installation hangs at "Setting up block tables"Nicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10520fix db changes in new assignment program plugin before commit into HEADNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-10548Implement API for activity editingNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-10549Implement API for activity gradingPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-10563Implement item exclude from aggregation supportPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10572Installation of "search" block doesn't work.Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-10805Question: upgrade.php fails during initial installJamie PrattClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10821block_instance->configdata is NOT NULL, sometimes record is inserted withouth configdataYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10826Impossible to delete a course because of non-existent question_delete_activity()Jamie PrattClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10832turning editting on causes page to die silententlyDan PoltawskiClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10900[[sectionerror]] when setting up database, locks up siteMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10905Backup misses files if a directory name evaluates to false (eg. "0")Nicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10945Several blocks a re not visible in "switch role" mode.Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10956Convert blogs to use the same tags (and convert old tags)Yu ZhangClosed
BlockerTaskMDL-11030Test 4 DBs migration from Moodle 1.7 to Moodle 1.9Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-11050grade export must use formlib properly - no data_submitted()!Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11081Course restore doesn't restore students' quiz results correctly and the restore function also breaks OTHER course areas quizzes!Tim HuntClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11130add aggregation inside all subcategories + add graded/all aggregation optionPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11204Capabilities are resolved differently than they should beMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11206Course managers don't show up consistentlyMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11220multiple overrides in same role assignment not respectedMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11238Editing a locked grade_item's settings gives fatal errorNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11276Average calculations are sometimes wrong when decimal places is zeroPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerImprovementMDL-11278Create some site-wide gradbook settings to force certain behaviour in grade categoriesNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11312Grade Letters must be settings, not user preferencesNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11345Latest CVS of 1.9 breaks during upgradeMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-113561.8->1.9 upgrade fails on grades conversionYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11392Single quote in question name or description breaks update to 1.9beta+Tim HuntClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11435Upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9 seems to be broken. The question bank upgrade interacts badly with the accesslib upgradeTim HuntClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11472fix harcoded mdl_prefixPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11474Upgrade from 1.8, Admin looses ability to assign rolesMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11504grading letter migration missing, incorrect defaults for grade_item->displayPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11510missing fields in new gradebook backupYu ZhangClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11512missing fields in new gradebook restoreYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11517reserved word MOD used in table alias in questions backup codePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11532Upgrade from 1.8, issues with multi-level categoriesYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11543The form to add a new course category is ridiculously large and in the wayNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11544Blog tags are lost on upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9 betaYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11555index too long in cache_flagsMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11568warnings - can not use $USER->property when not logged inPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11574Error messages on main reportMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11581ouuser report needs to be upgraded to use all the new letters, displaytype and gradeitems settingsNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11582Grade-item ordering no longer reflected on grader reportPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11599Grader report's range row produces errors when set to inherit, and when some grade_items are LetterPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11658Problem in cron with forum memory usagePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11667Export of grades in XML file is not as percentageYu ZhangClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11674chat cron does not work in mysqlMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11688course contexts must exist before grade letter upgradePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-11718Grader report: column averages and category aggregates should be based on what the current user can seePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11751can't create unique index on mdl_course_modules.idnumberEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-11767SQL related problem in user_bulk.phpDan PoltawskiClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11909assignment submissions can contain duplicates which causes problems during upgrade to new gradebookNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11967Real sumission/grade date from activities not available in gradebookPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12048assignment grades are not migrated into 1.9Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12312Aggregation documentation does not match actual interface menuPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12351Forum does not show New discussion button when changed from visible groups to separate groupsPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12449get_users_by_capability() silently dying when choice answersMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12452get_users_by_capability is brokenMartín LanghoffClosed
BlockerBugMDL-124581.8 -> 1.9 gradebook upgrade issuesPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12463Importing a even a single item from another course creates many phantom gradebook entries in the new courseEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-12567Sticky blocks not being rendered after a random number is reached.Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12598incorrect use of CONTEXT_PERSONALPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerImprovementMDL-12822Improve current gradebook API ASAPPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12827Internal record cache can be modifiedNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-128291.8 -> 1.9 upgrade freezes during quiz upgradeNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12856Can't get moodle/admin/index.php after CVS updateDan PoltawskiClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12912fix grade_verify_idnumber() to detect only course unique idnumbersPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12945recent activity and separate mode cleanup and fixes - metaPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-12974simple wrapper function to avoid the advanced containers when only a wrapper div is neededNicolas ConnaultClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13192stats cleanup - metaPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13214rebuild_course_cache() failing on some sites (and causing apache sefault ;))Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13237rcache limiting through intcachemax not implementedPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13241Small bug within cron deletion of gradebook history recordsPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13402Backup not show Continue buttonEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-13454Grade exports missing some gradesPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13482PostgreSQL purity meta bugPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13507Moodle no longer sending e-mail!Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13589Fresh install failing on latest 1.9 Beta 4Petr SkodaClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-13590fatal incorrect include in tag/lib.phpMathieu Petit-ClairClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13594tags review - metaMathieu Petit-ClairClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-13595tag/index.php undefined function tag_print_management_boxMathieu Petit-ClairClosed
BlockerSub-taskMDL-13626fix mssql compatibility in ntimeend aliasPetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-13695formula calculation must precreate grades if do not exist yetPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-4084Not all questions and question categories get backed upTim HuntClosed
CriticalNew FeatureMDL-5229add GB18030 to sitemailcharsetPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6060Automatically assign creator LDAP does not work if a comma is in the DNPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-6224Syntax error creating tables on installAnthony SukkarClosed
CriticalImprovementMDL-7380New groups and groupingsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7416get_my_courses is very slow with lots of coursesMartín LanghoffClosed
CriticalBugMDL-7939Courses hidden to students does not allow editing teacher to see and edit itYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8080Teacher can't use grade exception tabDan PoltawskiClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8164MS SQL cannot return Boolean data type in query results, any code using this returns no results when using Sql 2005Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-8251move group install/upgrade to mainPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalImprovementMDL-8440Avoid infinite loops when moode gets course_category structureMartín LanghoffClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8520resource navigation borked by accessibility frame changesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8560Chameleon not loading pix list on start pagePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8563Question Import of GIFT for True/False Question Type Reports Error and FailsHoward MillerClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8688quiz questions always default to a picture, should default to none.Yu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8765user preference code cleanupPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8946Impossible to export questions from a category other than DefaultTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9059When teacher creates Group event on calendar, they cannot see itYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9097glossary pages break xhtml strictEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9107"Add random question" error of Quiz module in moodle 1.8Tim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9185Not possibe to view Separate Groups in the Gradebook, Quiz results, Workshop, and Assignment (and possibly Wiki)Yu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9310cannot open resource like .doc and others in Firefox onlyNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9337Hidden teachers are viewable when not enroled in a courseYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9431Repeatedly try to unenrol users who haven't logged in for $CFG->longtimenoseePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9451Quiz answers can be lost if user navigates before page reloadsTim HuntClosed
CriticalImprovementMDL-9516Implement calls of grade_update() function in all major modules (subtasks)Petr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9562php variable not evaluated in scorm/locallib.phpRoberto PinnaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9592ORA error: infinite loop when restoring courses!Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9609Create database on installEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalNew FeatureMDL-9628META: Implement standard grades report for gradersMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-9629Implement standard grades report for gradersMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-9630Implement grade_updated event handler in all modules that allow manual setting of gradesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-9633Implement standard grades report for usersYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-9634Implement standard exports (like 1.8)Yu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-9635Implement new XML export (OU format)Yu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-9643Implement parser with standard spreadsheet syntaxPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9723Cannot change roles on sticky blocksMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9739"link to file or website" resource doesn't show flash player for mp3 files.Martin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9751ORA-01704: content of a wiki page is too long, when trying to saveEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9931file delete completely can't operate without jsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9977rounded corner theme problem with right to left languagesUrs HunklerClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9990course/scale.php really really slow when having large number of coursesMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10091"A required parameter (id) was missing" error given when clicking on GROUPS button (which shouldn't be available)Martin DougiamasClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10111Implement upgrade code for pre-1.9 sitesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalTaskMDL-10283Moodle Web Services need to be documentedDonal McMullanClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10286Add Feedback view page (popup?)Nicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10287Add feedback edit pageNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10328Defining role gives 'Could not update role!' errorYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10346RangesYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10363Add a Group selection drop-downYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10389Date selection for hide and lockYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10391BUG: saving user preferences has no effectNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10394implement grade overriding from gradebookPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10422glossary rate.php page doesn't work: blank screenPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10477Implement percentage display typeNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10481User preferences in edit_item formNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10524Review category aggregationsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalImprovementMDL-10534/course/index.php "find any orphan courses" if statement takes a LOT of sql querries and time to run when running with large number of coursesMartín LanghoffClosed
CriticalTaskMDL-10541META: Develop core classes to handle and manage gradesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10542Write core classes and functionality for managing gradesNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10550Implement outcome reportingNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10579Implement capability checks in grade import/export/report/edit pagesPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10581Limiting 'Questions per page' causes previously correctly answered questions not to be included in the final scoreTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10635function update_course_icon() does not scalePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10636"Found more than one record in fetch() !" gradebook error after importing coursePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10691Whwn a global role other than admin is assigned, login takes up to 15 MINUTES with 99% cpu for mysqldYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10738finish hiding support in grade and item edit pagePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-10789add contextid field to mdl_question_categories tableJamie PrattClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10852Cannot edit existing questionsJamie PrattClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10856MP3 filter does not work in uploaded HTML filesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-10884can't add new quiz nor delete courseYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10933only one "grade item" can be added to gradebookYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10999Cannot Insert or Edit a LabelPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11003adding of first activity on frontpage does not work - incorrrect sectionPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11016Improvements to the tag, tag_instance and tag_correlation tables...Yu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11042In the upgrade process, mnet_host->applicationid has an incorrect lengthEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-11048tag/lib.php issuesLuiz CruzClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11051grade export - do not use quickforms elements directlyPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11154mod/resource with layouttable active does not handle custom_cornersUrs HunklerClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11170Cron Job not working?Nicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11211Deletion of a course with published questions destroys quizzes in other courses that have used those questions.Tim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11233Sorting students by surname brings up teachers also in the grader reportNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11237preg_xxxx() critical bug under PHP 5.2.4, tests required...Martin DougiamasClosed
CriticalTaskMDL-11277Review scheduled backup...Nicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11292Cannot create child auth pluginsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11296detection of duplicate scales in course incorrectPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11300multiple problems in tag/manage.phpPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11304Forum does not handle groups correctlyPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-11339Add new "display" setting to grade_item edit interfaceNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11399Users enrolled as student do not appear in participants listPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11429Oracle cursor leaks (was: Properly close all the recordsets used in code)Martín LanghoffClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11454is_siteadmin logic wrong in accesslib.phpTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11509New gradebook backup/restore problems - metaYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-11513add backup/restore support for gradebook lettersYu ZhangClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-11562supportname and supportemail are not initialized properly during installPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalSub-taskMDL-11593OU User Report - add the number of submissions back to the reportNicolas ConnaultClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11597cron execution dies two minutes after forum cron executionEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
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