Version 1.8.3


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Released: 11/Oct/07

Release Notes

BlockerBugMDL-9478frameset linking zip resourcesMartin DougiamasClosed
BlockerBugMDL-10575(ORA) errors with database upgrading from 1.7(.1) to 1.8(.2)Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-11081Course restore doesn't restore students' quiz results correctly and the restore function also breaks OTHER course areas quizzes!Tim HuntClosed
BlockerBugMDL-11472fix harcoded mdl_prefixPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-8164MS SQL cannot return Boolean data type in query results, any code using this returns no results when using Sql 2005Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9337Hidden teachers are viewable when not enroled in a courseYu ZhangClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9451Quiz answers can be lost if user navigates before page reloadsTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9592ORA error: infinite loop when restoring courses!Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9723Cannot change roles on sticky blocksMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9739"link to file or website" resource doesn't show flash player for mp3 files.Martin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-9751ORA-01704: content of a wiki page is too long, when trying to saveEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-9990course/scale.php really really slow when having large number of coursesMartin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10581Limiting 'Questions per page' causes previously correctly answered questions not to be included in the final scoreTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10635function update_course_icon() does not scalePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-10856MP3 filter does not work in uploaded HTML filesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-11211Deletion of a course with published questions destroys quizzes in other courses that have used those questions.Tim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11237preg_xxxx() critical bug under PHP 5.2.4, tests required...Martin DougiamasClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11292Cannot create child auth pluginsPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11304Forum does not handle groups correctlyPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-11597cron execution dies two minutes after forum cron executionEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
CriticalBugMDL-11912Course Backups fails when including user filesNicolas ConnaultClosed
MajorBugMDL-3731Disc. Coeff. is -999.00Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-5287Quiz item analisysTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-6315Manually graded questions that get 0 are considered ungraded.Tim HuntClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-6367New question types cannot easily be added to the import/export formatsHoward MillerClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-6798Bring back simple THEME->body and other theme colors/coloursUrs HunklerClosed
MajorBugMDL-8056In the "Glossary" activity the option "Allow comments on entries" is not respected, always allowing commentaries.Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-84461.8 standart theme - support for right to left languagesMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-8682Pressing enter when answering a short answer question can submit the wrong oneTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-8850Students can view grade for hidden assignmentsPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-9297mnet logout broken by auth refactoringMartín LanghoffClosed
MajorBugMDL-9353Paypal cost of course not visible in course settingsMike ChurchwardClosed
MajorBugMDL-9576When restoring database , links are not recodedEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-9678(Another) ORA error when admin wants to view the uploaded files from students (Assignments - Advanced uploading of files)Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-9690Jump to..., and Previous and Next activity buttons do not open resources is expected bottom frame, but in a new frame at the topMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-9829backup/restore of front page does not restore most blocks and resourcesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-9835Apostrophe issues on table format. It seems to be doubling the apostrophe everytime a save is performed.Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-9851RSS block links open in same window - previously in new windowDan PoltawskiClosed
MajorBugMDL-9911Gradebook Excel export has problem with unicodeEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorImprovementMDL-9939Clicking on scales link in a course for administrators is really slow (fix included)Martin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-9952Cant escape # by using \ in a Cloze questionTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10037Blog: Site entries display under course entriesYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-10056Can not delete assignments when original plugin not presentPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-10125Post date information is lost during backup and restore of forumsEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-10157enrol/database/enrol.php is full of diagnostic prints.Howard MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10177Mediaplugin filter returns blank $text when bad UTF-8 is foundNicolas ConnaultClosed
MajorBugMDL-10239CLONE -BB quiz true false questions all come in as trueHoward MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10240Moodle import of BB pools doesn't recognize short answer question typeHoward MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10366BUG authentification CAS for new usersGUTIERREZClosed
MajorBugMDL-10380Moodle question import doesn't properly handle BB matching typeHoward MillerClosed
MajorTaskMDL-10390Add the PHP 5.1 req to as many environment.xml releases as possibleEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-10395No way to order roles (& you used to be able to do this before roles!)Howard MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10402Main glossaries can be updated by "students"Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10413XMLDB Editor issue when loading multiple columns keysEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-104331.7 Upgrade: undo_groupings() causes warnings (before groupings exist)Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-10452Quiz UI confusing when you are an admin. The start attempt button only starts a preview.Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10496role permissions in admin/settings/course.php too generalHoward MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10526sometimes users unenrolled from a course remain in the course groupsYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-10585Very difficult to control who is the teacher named on the 'you need an enrolment key from' page.Howard MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10663Cannot access questions category pageTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10671content on question import and export pages sitting on the left sideTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10689Questions imported when "stop on error" tickedHoward MillerClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-10704CSS letter-spacing or text-align: justify; break rendering for KhmerUrs HunklerClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-10714Advanced uploading of files "Allow deleting" help file is incorrect.Dan PoltawskiClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-10715Advanced uploading of files, Upload single file assignments have "Uploads not allowed" optionDan PoltawskiClosed
MajorBugMDL-10729Active tab is not marked activePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-10772Apostrophes are replicated when editing language files in version 1.8.2Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorSub-taskMDL-10787get_records_sql() with GROUP BY still returns incomplete result setsEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-10788Error in mssql_n adodb driver when the string to insert begins with single quotes...Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-10793CSS letter-spacing in theme: Cause problem with KhmerMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-10799Question types do not accurately determine whether their state has changed or not.Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10818When no permission to draw a graph... it would be better to return an ERROR IMAGE rather than ERROR text...Yu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-10822Upgrading from 1.7 to 1.8, groups->password is lostPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-10833Moodle ignores course theme for several course admin pagesPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-10843help files are not found in the questions plugins foldersTim HuntClosed
MajorImprovementMDL-10878Resource name required before IMS repository can be browsed, and name field no longer filled in automaticallyEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-10903Wrong capability checked in get_all_instances_in_course in datalibTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-10904Exclude not working in gradebook 1.8.2Yu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-10916Quiz Import: unable to import Cloze question because of "generalfeedback" columnHoward MillerClosed
MajorBugMDL-10946Removing Teachers as a default in Course Reset a bit suspectMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-10954Upgrade from 1.6.4 to 1.8 failsMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-11039Current course theme is replaced by site theme in various modulesMartin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-11053Course object not escaped before insertPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-11062Groups 1.7 => 1.8 upgrade problemsYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-11064Authenticated users cannot request password to teacherYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-11095Wrong path in file mod/quiz/report/default.phpTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-11104Missing explanation of Markdown syntaxHoward MillerClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-11134Help links in forms are outside the <label> - they will be ignored in JAWS forms modeNick FreearClosed
MajorBugMDL-11239Link to imsmanifest.xml does not workRoberto PinnaClosed
MajorBugMDL-11267Anywone who can view quiz reports can delete student attemptsTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-11268assignment_submissions->data1 and data2 are NOT NULLEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-11271The closing bracket "}" can't be used in cloze question typeTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-11324When assigning roles to modules or blocks inside a course, ALL users on the site are shownYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-11351HTML editor writes <span lang=%> instead of <span class="multilang" lang=%> when using the lang drop-down menu.Nicolas ConnaultClosed
MajorBugMDL-11364Users assigned as teacher on front page cannot download hidden resources.Yu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-11425Exporting category switch in xml quiz export does not correctly encode special charactersHoward MillerClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-11439Current week is NOT indicated non-visually, only in stylingNick FreearClosed
MajorBugMDL-11448FirstClass Authentication does not hold settings and has cosmetic and info leakage issuesPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-11584Acvitity report not displayed using Actual course Forced Language.Martin DougiamasClosed
MajorBugMDL-11608Multilang filter doesn't work in Course category namesNicolas ConnaultClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-11676Skip block links are broken in Internet ExplorerNick FreearClosed
MajorBugMDL-11703Shortanswer answers with a literal * in them don't workTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-12061Page validation fails when Resource Summary contains HTML tagsYu ZhangClosed
MajorBugMDL-12166accessallgroups does not work for reply forum posts in separate groupsMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-4061User profile update hang with LDAP authenticationIñaki ArenazaClosed
MinorBugMDL-4912/docs folder needs to be reviewed and files removedMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-5400Accessibility modifications not propagated to themesNick FreearClosed
MinorBugMDL-6218MySQL - TEXT and BLOB columns can't have a default valueEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-7043hyperlinking an Image using the HTML Editor does not work.Janne MikkonenClosed
MinorTaskMDL-7357Review all the indexes, creating the missing ones...Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-7425Divide by zero errors on page listing courses in a category when in edit modeMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-7436Indicate type of resource in the name of the resourceNick FreearClosed
MinorBugMDL-7574Dates Disappear when you "turn editing on"Nicolas ConnaultClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-7779Forms elements misalligned in IEJamie PrattClosed
MinorBugMDL-7850missing admin backup log linksEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorSub-taskMDL-8060Convert group/grouping form to new formslibPetr SkodaClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-8109Flexible column positons - you may rearange the layout-table columnsUrs HunklerClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-8451admin/settings/location.php unnecessarily calls get_list_of_timezones() twiceMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-8571broken links in help indexMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-8627HTML QuickForm displays (some?) disabled elements in a non-accessible wayNick FreearClosed
MinorTaskMDL-8812trivial theme bugUrs HunklerClosed
MinorBugMDL-9076Overall Feedback "add 3 fields" button outside of boxTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-9286typo in mnet auth config.htmlMartín LanghoffClosed
MinorBugMDL-9314typos in mnet_update_sso_access_control()Donal McMullanClosed
MinorBugMDL-9331Wrong Index Page for quizzesTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-9335Undefined variable in mod/wiki/backuplib.php on line 188 during backup processEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-9345/user/view.php - I'd suggest allowing this to be defined in the Language Packs: "You can not view the profile of this user'"Howard MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-9519wrong language in "grading method" on test start pageTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-9613Online Users Block (with partial fix)Yu ZhangClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-9722Add an installation check for the MySQL strict modeEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-9792Media filter doesn't work correctly for .mp3 or .rm filesMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-9804course shortname truncated in course/edit_form.phpYu ZhangClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-9922Change the default setting of meta course to No when backing up a courseEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-9923Linked media in lesson module does not display web pagesMark NielsenClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-9940filelib.php should be updated for new MS Office 2007 formatsMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-9956Admin user is not by default admin groupPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-10092Latex problem with some symbolsHoward MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10118Notice in course restoreEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorImprovementMDL-10149If you delete the "admin" role and you have just one user with the admin right, the site become inaccessible.Yu ZhangClosed
MinorBugMDL-10205Quiz 1.8 Review Page missing variables in tableTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10232modinfo missing in get_my_coursesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-10261My moodle page does not work properly anymoreMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-10277Force password change cannot be unchecked once selectedPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-10300Overall feedback in quiz settingsTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10318SCORM 1.7.x to o 1.8.1 upgrade requires huge memoryDan MarsdenClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10322chameleon does not look in theme/mytheme/pix/tab for tab backgroundsUrs HunklerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10332Data module not filtering list by group on [Open Uni]-PILOT_1 [course]Nick FreearClosed
MinorBugMDL-10352Broken links in breadcrumbs for backup/log.phpEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorImprovementMDL-10396Database enrollment should not enrol students in hidden coursesHoward MillerClosed
MinorTaskMDL-10409CLONE -trivial theme bug because there arte two issues in one report.Urs HunklerClosed
MinorTaskMDL-10415Replace Aiken format in coreHoward MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10423Course Searches are not working for MSSQL databasesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-10440IE7 and IE6 on win xp error when changing "disable" state of "Start date"Jamie PrattClosed
MinorBugMDL-10444Course field(s) not being backedup/restoredEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-10445Once deleted, blog menu and blog tags block can not be restored by "Turn editing on"Yu ZhangClosed
MinorBugMDL-10461Restoring a course with users will not preserve the time their roles were assignedYu ZhangClosed
MinorBugMDL-10469user profile shows no courses for admins due to get_my_courses thinking they are guestsYu ZhangClosed
MinorBugMDL-10475Transition to capabilities of the "studentcanpost" settingYu ZhangClosed
MinorBugMDL-10482fieldheight is the same as fieldwidth in mod/dataPetr SkodaClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10495In Admin=>Appearance=>Course Managers, roles are not in correct orderHoward MillerClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10515Change HTML to make it easier to style multiple choice questionsTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10517Use of addslashes in assignment/lib.phpPetr SkodaClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10531GIFT parser should recognize essay questionsHoward MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10569problem with multichoice\questiontype.php - recent commit to 1.8Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10571Improve the get_my_courses() behaviourYu ZhangClosed
MinorBugMDL-10584Internal enrolment says "One Time Key" even if you are a guest user.Howard MillerClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10604Add ability to add sub-categories directly.Howard MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10658Course short name repeated in breadcrumbsYu ZhangClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10661Headings out of alignment in Firefox when editing question categoryTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10670docs links not working at all, even with permissions set correctlyMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-10680Left and Right options reversed when importing Matching questions from WebCTHoward MillerClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10686Submit button is missing from embedded answers preview pop upTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10690Completion of Quiz name field is not mandatoryTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10694Move some auth_XXX strings from the central auth.php lang file to each one auth_XXX.php lang filesEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-10700Graph of Report "Course Overview" is not showMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-10709Shortanswer resonses should be trimmed before being saved in the databaseTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10732Messaging to users who have not used messaging doesn't workMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10737Increase size of short answer text entry boxTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10759Bogus get_context_instance call in quiz_print_recent_mod_activityTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10768Integrate RTL patches from Hebrew teamMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-10771mod/chat/view.php - p tags within a tags throw a vaidation errorMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-10785xml import getpath() doesn't handle 0 values correctlyHoward MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10786Short Answer questions will not allow 0 as the sole answer.Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10824question/edit.php validating errrorsTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10830Parse error when creating new categories within a quizJamie PrattClosed
MinorBugMDL-10834Restore of quiz module may create calendar events without a date/timeTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10846Sorting submitted assignments by status makes all assignments disappearEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorImprovementMDL-10858Edit field sizes for overall feedback are sillyTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-10902GIFT format import errorsHoward MillerClosed
MinorBugMDL-10918IMS Enterprise enrolment module fails to set mnethostid for created usersNicolas ConnaultClosed
MinorBugMDL-10920mod/data/preset/imagegallery/lang/en_utf8/data.php should be renamed to datapreset_imagegallery.phpMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-10921LDAP Auth to Active Directory requires LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS option setIñaki ArenazaClosed
MinorBugMDL-10947https is replaced with httpss when wwwroot already is httpsPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-10970Something in get_string() prevents other languages to work...Nicolas ConnaultClosed
MinorBugMDL-10972Do not use "Full name" in exported quiz results sheetTim HuntClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10995basic improvements eliminating some db queriesPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-11023When view one's own profile there is this error - Warning: Wrong parameter count for array_slice() in /var/www/html/moodle/lib/datalib.php on line 709Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-11029Assignment types need to be upgraded properly using upgrade_plugins()Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorImprovementMDL-11033Moodle 1.9 will require PostgreSQL version 8.0 and aboveEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-11043misspelled get_string in login/index.phpPetr SkodaClosed
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