Version 1.9.9


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Released: 08/Jun/10

Release Notes

BlockerBugMDL-22654HTMLPurify is replacing line breaks with \n causing comparisons after cleaning to always failSam HemelrykClosed
CriticalBugMDL-22181Assignment ID number field changing when student submits assignmentPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-22531Source Code bug in accesslib.phpPetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-22680setnew_password_and_mail in Moodlelib updates the database without using saltPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-10906No option in user profile ot specify local drive for local filesRossiani WijayaClosed
MajorBugMDL-20396Extra HTML breaks assignment grading screenRossiani WijayaClosed
MajorBugMDL-20586Recent activity reports quiz grade regardless of review settings for the quiz.Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-21379SCORM 2004 JS ErrorsDan MarsdenClosed
MajorBugMDL-21423SCORM attempts do not record "first access" or "start time", though that's what Moodle labels them.Dan MarsdenClosed
MajorBugMDL-21444AICC: total_time is always accumulated over the record representing the first attempt, opposite to the logic implemented for SCORM tracked actitivtiesDan MarsdenClosed
MajorBugMDL-21828SQL error with ambiguous column definitionTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-21987Problem with repeat grade imports when is_overridable_item is truePetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-22034Restore a Backup from another Moodle failEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-22098Broken caching in the grade item classes leads ot O(n) DB queries in the grader reportTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-22257Quiz reports run out of memory on a course with 16000 usersTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-22518Group dropdowns prevent tab from functioning correctlySam MarshallClosed
MajorBugMDL-22588Wrong courseid in mdl_scale on course restoreEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorBugMDL-23663Editing teachers cannot import in Moodle 1.9.9moodle.comClosed
MajorBugMDL-24033Database module allows you to start adding new entries even if the maximum has already been reachedAndrea BiccioloClosed
MajorBugMDL-24470Database: upgrade doesn't seem to mark the 'notification' column as not null causing restore problemJérôme MouneyracClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-10197Quality improvement of Tex-imagesIñaki ArenazaClosed
MinorBugMDL-18202JavaScript Error on Session ResumeDan MarsdenClosed
MinorBugMDL-18689Typos in auth/cas/auth.phpIñaki ArenazaClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-18835Human-readable time periods in SCORM reportsDan MarsdenClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-19053Use the HTML editor to edit the login page authentication instructionsIñaki ArenazaClosed
MinorBugMDL-19146unable to see incomming messagesRossiani WijayaClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-19228[Patch] Use PNG as default image format for latex renderIñaki ArenazaClosed
MinorBugMDL-19880Course import runs out of memory when user has update capability on large number of coursesMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-21218Hidden activity in Gradebook causes course grade to disappear from student Overview ReportAndrew DavisClosed
MinorBugMDL-21845[PATCH] Multilang filter is not applied to custom field labels in user profileDavid MudrákClosed
MinorNew FeatureMDL-21916Allow all outgoing emails being diverted into a set email addressDavid MudrákClosed
MinorBugMDL-22006filter/tex/pix.php should not use error_reporting(E_ALL); or rendering tex fails with php 5.3.XPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-22017Unit test failure from test_usergetdateAndrew DavisClosed
MinorBugMDL-22046When Attempts grading is set to "Last Attempt", an incomplete exam causes a user's grade to show as zero on some pages.Dan MarsdenClosed
MinorBugMDL-22154Flash detection is made on every page load with AJAX call to environment.php script (meant be done only once per session)Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-22174print_group_picture creates empty group linksSam MarshallClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-22175Improve unit test failure displayTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-22176Backup/Restore does not change manually added links to the same courseEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-22241Oracle error in questiontype.php on line 919 (invalid character)Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-22301Bug with SCORM backup namingDan MarsdenClosed
MinorBugMDL-22388Reporter says input not properly verified on various form scriptsMartin DougiamasClosed
MinorBugMDL-22410The $grader variable is defined twice in "quiz_get_recent_mod_activity" in mod/quiz/lib.phpTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-22448Workshop log functions produces errors when a module has been updated recently under PostgreSQLDavid MudrákClosed
MinorBugMDL-22520Japanese / Special Characters are not displayed in certain content types (label, web page, etc)Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorImprovementMDL-22575International (English) name of the language should be part of langconfig.phpDavid MudrákClosed
MinorBugMDL-22585Missing parent language message on weekly build 20100526Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-22726Problem restoring backup with hotpot (Jmatch and Jmix)Gordon BatesonClosed
MinorBugMDL-23120Catchable fatal error in Language file lv_utf8/data.phpKoen RoggemansClosed
MinorBugMDL-23940reserved word "longtext" not escaped as a mysql field nameEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-24054Multilang filter not working in answersAndreas GrabsClosed
MinorBugMDL-24450searching in mapcourses failsAndreas GrabsClosed
TrivialNew FeatureMDL-18903Allow all emails to be redirected to a single addressDavid MudrákClosed
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