Version 1.9.14


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Released: 10/Oct/11

Release Notes

Final 1.9.x supported release, but security issues will still be backported to the branch until June 2012Show more
BlockerBugMDL-25454Scheduled backups skip hidden courses, even if they have been modifiedMarina GlancyClosed
BlockerBugMDL-27174Automated Backups Fail When Assignment Course Module Has Instance of Zero (0)Aparup BanerjeeClosed
CriticalBugMDL-4561Metacourses won't allow guest access with an enrolment keyDan MarsdenClosed
CriticalBugMDL-27248Debug info: Duplicate entry '13-20021' for key 'category_sortorder'Petr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-28209update 1.9 branch comments , hardcoded links and @links to point to respective new urls.Aparup BanerjeeClosed
MajorBugMDL-26257Shibboleth plugin overrides logout redirect url even user did not log in through ShibbolethHenning BostelmannClosed
MajorBugMDL-27597get_categories returns categories not under the parent categoryPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-28428IE9 browser not able to interact with some form elements within a quiz when "Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security" Browser security has been set.Glenn AnsleyClosed
MajorBugMDL-29462html_to_text('0') gives '', not '0'Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-29468Error in feedback module action handling (M1.9)Andreas GrabsClosed
MinorBugMDL-13331Possible simplification of code in search/lib.phpAparup BanerjeeClosed
MinorBugMDL-18952Importing files to Question bank DON'T WORK from "Import from file upload..." and WORKS from "Import from file already in course files..."Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-20501Text alignment problem in Course Activities surveys in arabic (LTR issue)Rossiani WijayaClosed
MinorBugMDL-28079Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/moodle/admin/cron.phpAndrew DavisClosed
MinorBugMDL-28199Lesson answer alignment incorrectly formattedRossiani WijayaClosed
MinorBugMDL-28537Wrong MySQL syntax causes error while synchronizing LDAP usersSam HemelrykClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-28565change all branches to point the License and Credits pages in docs to the consolidated one under dev.Aparup BanerjeeClosed
MinorBugMDL-28639modifiedby and timemodified not set during questions importTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-28690Meta courses and $CFG->longtimenosee can cause repeated welcome messagesAparup BanerjeeClosed
MinorBugMDL-28723undefined index 'blocks' in upgrading page. David MudrákClosed
MinorTaskMDL-28931Update timezones info to latest version available (2011h)Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-28932Type hinting used in 1.9 version of tags/lib.phpPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-29001Remove timezone test fixtures which depend on setting date_default_timezone_set('Australia/Perth');Rajesh TanejaClosed
MinorBugMDL-29212RCount incorrect in Quiz Analysis Report when correct answer is 0Glenn AnsleyClosed
TrivialBugMDL-18012showall -> showallusers in admin/roles/assign.phpDan PoltawskiClosed
TrivialBugMDL-24887Issue with External RSS feed block validator.orgDan PoltawskiClosed
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