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Released: 12/Mar/12

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BlockerBugMDL-22896bad regular expression in html2text library causes text to go missing from forum emailsRajesh TanejaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-26037Import search list only checks first 250 courses to listEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
BlockerBugMDL-27793Problem with translated terms for 'login name' with some themesAparup BanerjeeClosed
BlockerBugMDL-29254Cannot add new blog entries after updateRajesh TanejaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-30521Cron crash fetching external blog entriesRajesh TanejaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-31072Cannot assign system roles when there are many registered usersMarina GlancyClosed
BlockerBugMDL-31077REST server fails to return nullJérôme MouneyracClosed
BlockerBugMDL-31213New password form field is not valid after 1.9.16 updatePetr SkodaClosed
BlockerBugMDL-31248Change in rc4encrypt key is causing cookies encrypted before the change to produce garbage textAdrian GreeveClosed
CriticalBugMDL-25027Web Service moodle_user_create_users() does not accept leading/trailing spaces in firstname / lastnameAparup BanerjeeClosed
CriticalBugMDL-25432i have a row in course_module for a deleted forumRajesh TanejaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-26384Click 'turn editing on' on tag/index.php will jump to tag/search.phpAnkit AgarwalClosed
CriticalBugMDL-29256WYSIWYG editor disappeared after restored courses from 1.9.1 to 2.1David MudrákClosed
CriticalBugMDL-29274People block returns wrong context to user/index.php if block added to moduleRajesh TanejaClosed
CriticalImprovementMDL-29347core_enrol_get_enrolled_users web service should limit the number of participantsJérôme MouneyracClosed
CriticalBugMDL-30484Regrading quiz causes essay attachments to disappearTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-30608Searching site settings causes blocks to disappearRajesh TanejaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-30709Recent files option does not workMarina GlancyClosed
CriticalImprovementMDL-30771Students unable to view rubric definition prior to submissionMarina GlancyClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31081Forum index.php performancePetr SkodaClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31085invalid sql in filter/data/filter.phpDan MarsdenClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31242Multiple Moodle YUI modules result cause MOODLE_INTERNAL to be redefinedAndrew NicolsClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31314Restoring backups from 1.9 does not set grade_categories.depthTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31316Blocks controls on the site page are redirecting to /my when default home is My MoodleRuslan KabalinClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31353Gradebook not saving with JavaScript error not definedAndrew DavisClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31374backport meta course sync plugin fixes and improvements from master to 2.2Dan MarsdenClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31589Restoring a lesson backup can lead to broken dataAndrew NicolsClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31729Files for question hints are not deleted when the question is deleted, nor moved when the question is moved to another contextTim HuntClosed
CriticalBugMDL-31829ERROR: Colum "attemptstepid" does not exitsTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-26260Loophole in quiz 'secure mode' in some themesTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-26469Cron setting not updated when plugins are upgradedTim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-27165Show unconfirmed users displays 0 when in fact unconfirmed users existPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-27360Web service tokens are displayed for deleted usersJérôme MouneyracClosed
MajorBugMDL-27764Topic Summary Restore/Import ProblemEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MajorSub-taskMDL-27891Tag flagging is not loggedAnkit AgarwalClosed
MajorBugMDL-28283Course Completion will not allow completion dates to be set outside of the range 2000 - 2010Ankit AgarwalClosed
MajorBugMDL-28364Some import/export question format don't accept the filetype they should acceptJonathon FowlerClosed
MajorBugMDL-29199Database query logging fails with OracleDan PoltawskiClosed
MajorBugMDL-29402Discussion topics not mailed out in Q and A forums unless the student has postedCharles FultonClosed
MajorBugMDL-30388Site Admin > Blocks > Manage Blocks (Click on Block to get list of) > Show all/Next -- Fails and doesn't do paginationRajesh TanejaClosed
MajorBugMDL-30688REST simpleserver does not accept the moodlewsrestformat parameterJérôme MouneyracClosed
MajorBugMDL-30707Error log in discussion forumAndrew DavisClosed
MajorBugMDL-30780Rubrics criterion with many levelsMarina GlancyClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-30783Problems when exporting multiple choice quizz with correct answer grade fraction other than 1Darko MileticClosed
MajorSub-taskMDL-30815unlabelled form elements for choicesAnkit AgarwalClosed
MajorBugMDL-30958disable Yahoo CDN when ssl used (including https login)Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-31142slow textlib::substr() and invalid result if length not specifiedPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-31160block_navigation::trim_left always returns '...'Sam HemelrykClosed
MajorBugMDL-31184mulitple problems when reseting individual glossary typesPetr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-31197Unavailable course displays incorrect breadcrumbsSam HemelrykClosed
MajorBugMDL-31205Scroll Bars Missing in Browser Security Window Tim HuntClosed
MajorBugMDL-31360regression: cannot set permissions on feedback instancesDan MarsdenClosed
MajorBugMDL-31381Problem SCORM (new window) frame size and added padding version 2.2.1 (Build: 20120109)Dan MarsdenClosed
MajorBugMDL-31386Restoring a matched question in a lesson leads to answers being processed in incorrect orderAndrew NicolsClosed
MajorBugMDL-31397French lang with quotes string causes SCORM to failDan MarsdenClosed
MajorBugMDL-31546Semicolon in SQL breaks wiki 'Administration' tab on OracleDan PoltawskiClosed
MajorBugMDL-31561Common cartridge export does not honour the number of sections in exported courseDarko MileticClosed
MajorBugMDL-31562Labels are not being exported in common cartridge format even though their import is supported.Darko MileticClosed
MajorTaskMDL-31785import latest htmlpurifier 4.4.0Petr SkodaClosed
MajorBugMDL-31828Student can't submit if the essay question type is in the quiz (2.2)Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-14837Time not displayed in event (calendar and upcoming event block)Glenn AnsleyClosed
MinorBugMDL-19421Dependencies and Activity Links do not restore correctly in backupAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorBugMDL-21992Custom Scripts doesn't work with HTTPS (SSL)Petr SkodaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-23787Fields of type textarea default to HTML editor. But it lacks lacks file area support, so it's impossible to add any image or similar.Marina GlancyClosed
MinorBugMDL-24235Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /moodle/web/lib/bennu/iCalendar_rfc2445.php on line 57Charles FultonClosed
MinorBugMDL-24394Match question type: should be able to use the multilang filter on the answersTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-25883Wiki Comments HTML Editor BrokenRajesh TanejaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-25996Language editing interface termsGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-26496Warning when selecting no answer in a single choice question.Rossiani WijayaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-26807'With selected users' help string needs updatingGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-28101Bold and italics do not work with the NWIKI formattingRajesh TanejaClosed
MinorBugMDL-28352Database: Date field not autoselecting month when editingMarina GlancyClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-28386Adding a new user creates bad log entryAnkit AgarwalClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-28387When you delete a user no entry is made in the logAnkit AgarwalClosed
MinorBugMDL-28522Regression: When choice set to show unanswered, additional column never shows up on teacher's 'View responses' pageDan MarsdenClosed
MinorBugMDL-29046CLI installer did not using install/distrolib.phpPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-29086deleting database activity preset is not possibleAdrian GreeveClosed
MinorBugMDL-29097Module updated/created event is called too earlyAndrew DavisClosed
MinorBugMDL-29102Auto-creating a group throws an errorPetr SkodaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-29127Unread forum posts are NOT being highlighted in Formal WhiteDaniele CordellaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-29153Small typo in mod/resource/lang/en/resource.phpGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-29161Square brackets in url parameter are removed by moodle_urlTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-29229Contact list pull-down can exceed parent column widthDan PoltawskiClosed
MinorBugMDL-29367Lines between RSS feed items are not showing in the Formal White, and other themesDaniele CordellaClosed
MinorBugMDL-29471error when adding function to a new web serviceJérôme MouneyracClosed
MinorBugMDL-29523A hard coded string "Loading" in file manager elementDan PoltawskiClosed
MinorBugMDL-29592Icons are not shown while using $CFG->debugusers Dan PoltawskiClosed
MinorBugMDL-29896Navigation block: URL and file (resource) links brokenSam MarshallClosed
MinorBugMDL-29967Plugins overview page doesn't reflect auth & enrolment plugin availability correctlyRajesh TanejaClosed
MinorBugMDL-30031Adaptive mode should ignore invalid answers without penaltyHenning BostelmannClosed
MinorBugMDL-30033no feedback in quiz review when grade is negative (using CBM)Tim HuntClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-30126Our rest client should be updated fo json supportJérôme MouneyracClosed
MinorBugMDL-30249Display warning when downloading/uploading a fileJérôme MouneyracClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-30509Unwanted roles query slows down cronPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-30540Viewing a single blog entry shows an errorJason FowlerClosed
MinorBugMDL-30578CMILongIdentifier and CMIIdentifier are not checked for valid URI (RFC 3986 [6]) and URN syntaxDan MarsdenClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-30635q* plugin types should be updated to use cron_execute_plugin_typeTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-30652Scorm Reports Goes to a locked state when there are no users to reportAnkit AgarwalClosed
MinorBugMDL-30710SCORM report does not close 2 div tags and messes up theme on report with no attemptsAnkit AgarwalClosed
MinorBugMDL-30714Afterburner Logo does not link to the site homepageMary EvansClosed
MinorBugMDL-30717Method create_user_record() @ "/lib/moodlelib.php" that could be used from External Database Authentication plugins, does not register mdl_user->timecreated property.Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-30718Method sync_users() @ "/auth/db/auth.php" does not register mdl_user->timecreated property.Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-30722Unsubscribe from all forums responding correctly to guestsAndrew DavisClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30723Typos in EnglishGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-30724assignment_count_real_submissions() assumes all rows with a positive timestamp are "real submissions" when this is not true for upload assignment typesmoodle.comClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-30778intendedEndUserRole metadata not supported by cc importDarko MileticClosed
MinorBugMDL-30828Feedback module - error when sorting by dateAndrew DavisClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30830Block headings not accessible to screen readers when dockedSam HemelrykClosed
MinorBugMDL-30854Calculated question not added into the Quiz automaticallyTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-30891Couldn't disable legacy course files repositoryPetr SkodaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30893same ID used on multiple buttonsAnkit AgarwalClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30910lesson progress bar is not read by screen readersRossiani WijayaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30911change heading levels in lessonRossiani WijayaClosed
MinorBugMDL-30928The Mooodle library lib/moodlelib.php does not update the property timemodified on deletion methods, to pass to the deleted events.Petr SkodaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30935LTI interface terminologyGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-30965unused variable table->head in scorm reportsAnkit AgarwalClosed
MinorBugMDL-30966print_object() does not look nice when used in CLI scriptsDavid MudrákClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-30969add support for suspended flag in admin/tool/uploaduser/Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31000Repository Filepicker doesn't list repositories in correct orderAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31005strict standard violation by context_helper::get_level_name()Petr SkodaClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31006new warnings and notices in PHP 5.4 #1Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31011Course report logs link broken in logsPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31013'Export to Portfolio' Icon missing 'iconsmall' CSS classAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorBugMDL-31015File/URL resource: 'Open' option does not work in all situationsSam MarshallClosed
MinorBugMDL-31018Inconsistent horizontal alignment of choosepluginreport dropdown in Grader ReportAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorBugMDL-31019Quiz with Javascript Security Enabled does not show resultsTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31035Missing config parameter showuseridentity after upgradePetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31039Unable to update SCORM activity with External AICC URLDan MarsdenClosed
MinorBugMDL-31040mouseover text on group toggle button inconsistant and breaks RTL supportAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorBugMDL-31053"programmer error" in get_user_capability_coursePetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31057Login as Admin causes standard OUTPUT of body HTML to differ from norm Mary EvansClosed
MinorBugMDL-31058Restore - PHP Notices during restore of 1.9 zip fileTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31060Error when trying to create Rubric from TemplateMarina GlancyClosed
MinorBugMDL-31065Quiz statistics do not show shortanswer/numerical responses that did not matchTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31080Quiz with missing question cannot be fixed through the UITim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31086invalid sql in calendar/lib.phpAndrew DavisClosed
MinorBugMDL-31095Adding and removing questions from the quiz can reset max grade.Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31100Unit test failure messages mangle UTF8Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-31101format_string mangles < and > charactersTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31102Invalid HTML when previewing questionsTim HuntClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31107Typos in the English language packGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-31109Bad url in link to turn off (disable) maintenance modePetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31113Multiple files can be uploaded by File manager with max file set to xDavo SmithClosed
MinorBugMDL-31117delete_group external function: DB rollback does not handle deleting of group imagesPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31122Navigation block: Displays click-to-expand for empty weeks (with Label)Sam MarshallClosed
MinorBugMDL-31127PHP Notice when switching rolePetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31130"Show all X/Show Y per page" in questions list does not toggleJonathon FowlerClosed
MinorBugMDL-31135Question instances report 'All' option broken.Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31143If a question's average grade is 0, the quiz report displays an error.Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31157quiz module generate an error during cron job in Moodle 2.2.1+ (Build: 20120112)Tim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31161error notice in multiple plugin dependenciesPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31165MySQL engine conversion tool does not work with mysql 5.5Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31166invalid PARAM_PATH cleanup in CLI installPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31170blog blocks hiding after level change brokenPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31171blog attachement access control broken in BLOG_USER_LEVELPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31172undefined $fullpath in throw new base_logger_exception('error_opening_file', $fullpath);Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31173undefined content in throw new restore_decode_processor_exception('incorrect_restore_decode_rule', get_class($content));Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31176/calendar/lib.php calendar_event::calculate_context() missing global $DBPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31177/course/lib.php undefined $context in print_log_ods()Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31179/grade/grading/lib.php grading_manager::get_controller() is missing global $DBMarina GlancyClosed
MinorBugMDL-31180/lib/simpletest/testcompletionlib.php fake_recordset class uses $closed instead of $this->closedPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31181/lib/simpletest/testfilterconfig.php - filter_filter_set_applies_to_strings::tearDown() missing global $CFGPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31182/message/lib.php translate_message_default_setting() missing global $OUTPUTPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31183Multiple problems in glossary_count_unrated_entries()Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31185/mod/forum/lib.php in forum_get_posts_by_user() missing global $CFGPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31186/user/exteranllib get_course_user_profiles() uses undefined $uselect, should be $cselectPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31189Sky High theme does not show validator or other perfomance info details in footer when enabledMary EvansClosed
MinorBugMDL-31202Forum emails not being sent, fixed by removing broken email addressPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31208get_record call in get_timezone_record has third param as bool, whereas it should be intPetr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31224Icon for word/excel resources don't show in navigation bar when viewing another resource.Sam HemelrykClosed
MinorBugMDL-31231DOCKED Navigation block sub-level menu items are hidden in afterburner themeMary EvansClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31238new warnings and notices in PHP 5.4 #2Petr SkodaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31245Incorrect horizontal alignment of 'highlight' icon in topic formatAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorBugMDL-31255Moving course section when JavaScript is off does not update highlighted sectionRuslan KabalinClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31269update login page layout for magazineMary EvansClosed
MinorBugMDL-31306When previewing questions, if question type cannot give us a correct response, disable the button "Fill correct responses".Mahmoud KassaeiClosed
MinorBugMDL-31317Notice when restoring a 1.9 backupDavid MudrákClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31324Afterburner custom css settings do not take effect when making changes to custom menu background coloursMary EvansClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31328Sky High theme truncates report when printing - Part 3Mary EvansClosed
MinorTaskMDL-31329Update timezones info to latest version available (2011n)Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-31335Tidy up use of mtrace from within email_to_userAndrew DavisClosed
MinorBugMDL-31345Afterburner horizontal scroll in report Mary EvansClosed
MinorBugMDL-31348After creating/editing/deleting the view shown is based off GMT not the user's timezoneDan PoltawskiClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31388Typo in enrol_ldap.phpGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-31392When upgrading from 2.0 to 2.2, cannot limit quiz attempt upgrades with tool_qeupgradehelper_get_quizzes_to_upgradeTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31396Trying to export a preset as a .zip file results in errorsAdrian GreeveClosed
MinorBugMDL-31399Horizontal Scroll bar problem with Arabic Interface inside a LessonRossiani WijayaClosed
MinorBugMDL-31417Update list of currencies returned by get_list_of_currencies() and stored in lang/en/currencies.phpMarina GlancyClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31419Lang string typo in auth.phpGerard CaulfieldClosed
MinorBugMDL-31428Warnings subscribing/unsubscribing to forums with DEBUG_DEVELOPER enabledEloy Lafuente (stronk7)Closed
MinorBugMDL-31432Messaging page pops up messaging notice when you go to view that messageAndrew DavisClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-31445moodleforms unique id on field div wrappersAnthony ForthClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-31448Wrong comment in mod/quiz/mod_form.phpGlenn AnsleyClosed
MinorBugMDL-31461Plagiarism functions print_disclosure update_status should allow use with renderersDan MarsdenClosed
MinorBugMDL-31469optional formslib date selector element generates invaild HTMLTim HuntClosed
MinorBugMDL-31482get_device_type incorrectly detects IE7/8 as IE6 (legacy)Sam MarshallClosed
MinorImprovementMDL-31495Quiz upgrade SQL performance improvementMichael AherneClosed
MinorBugMDL-31502Course renderer tries to use $course->subcategories and $course->courses when they may not be defined yetAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorBugMDL-31515Updating a file in a database activity only works onceAndrew NicolsClosed
MinorSub-taskMDL-31527XMLDB Editor - misnamed default table for blocks (and probably other types)Davo SmithClosed
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