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Functional TestMDLQA-245A teacher can export questions in a choice of formats NobodyOpen
Functional TestMDLQA-1310CLONE - Register a hub to the hub directoryAdrian GreeveOpen
Functional TestMDLQA-1311CLONE - An administrator can unregister a hubAdrian GreeveOpen
Functional TestMDLQA-2057CLONE - A user can quickly locate files uploaded previouslyAndrew DavisPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2058CLONE - A user with appropriate permissions can access files on the serverTeresa GibbisonPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2059CLONE - A user has a private files areaJasmin KlindzicPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2060CLONE - A user can add YouTube videosTed van den BrinkPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2061CLONE - A user can add files from Google DocsRex LorenzoPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2062CLONE - A user can add photos from PicasaJavier Sola AréchagaPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2063CLONE - A user can add files from WikimediaJasmin KlindzicPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2127CLONE - Backup and restore: External filesFrédéric MassartPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2381CLONE - When adding files to a rich html editor from wikimedia, the user can create a linkBente OlsenPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2384CLONE - A user can add files from DropboxTim BarkerPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2385CLONE - A user can add files from FlickrRex LorenzoPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2386CLONE - A user can add files from Flickr PublicNicolas MartignoniPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2387CLONE - A user can add files from Box.netTim BarkerPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-2388CLONE - A user can add files from AlfrescoDan PoltawskiPassed
Functional TestMDLQA-4912CLONE - IPhone users can download filesHelen FosterObsolete
Functional TestMDLQA-5050CLONE - File picker can be used to import a Powerpoint presentation into a lesson.Helen FosterObsolete
Functional TestMDLQA-5051CLONE - Drag and drop can be used to import a Powerpoint presentation into a lesson.Joseph RézeauObsolete
Functional TestMDLQA-5530CLONE - An admin user is notified of available Moodle updatesNobodyOpen
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