Release Notes - Moodle - Version 1.6.5 - HTML format


  • [MDL-3972] - Lose Blocks When Saving Course Settings
  • [MDL-4313] - LDAP doesn't properly escape extra quotes in course details
  • [MDL-4940] - Social Activities Block Disappears When Changing Course Setings
  • [MDL-6196] - Can't send email
  • [MDL-6257] - Undefined index: RATINGS during course restore
  • [MDL-6386] - Apostrophe problem in SHORTANSWER question embedded inside CLOZE question
  • [MDL-6462] - Cloze (multianswer) question special character issues
  • [MDL-7241] - Sorting by "Completed" in Manually Graded quiz questions is not accurate
  • [MDL-7259] - Item analysis: symbols '<' and '>' misparsed in TEX formulae
  • [MDL-7330] - Calendar tooltip has transparent background
  • [MDL-7993] - Problems with Unicode generated Excel spreadsheets...
  • [MDL-8127] - bad use of DESCRIPTION constant in quiz module causes upgrade to fail
  • [MDL-8177] - random question selecting previously deleted question
  • [MDL-8349] - Review of Attempt N page not being filtered
  • [MDL-8491] - Feedback for essay type questions is not backed up
  • [MDL-8515] - Prefixing text with a slash character suppresses username in chat.
  • [MDL-8602] - 5 mysterious surveys created
  • [MDL-8674] - Realplayer Multimedia Filter Doesn't appear to work
  • [MDL-8842] - Update Moodle timezones files to address 2007 changes in the US
  • [MDL-8978] - Fill with correct does not fill multiple choice questions in Cloze type questions
  • [MDL-8988] - problem with SCORM backup
  • [MDL-10766] - missing definition for string [[healthnoproblemsfound]] in /admin/health.php


  • [MDL-4701] - Calendar listing should link to event anchored on page, not date page
  • [MDL-8145] - Add more options to the add random questions dropdown
  • [MDL-8651] - Import and Backup/Restore - auto-purging of old backup*.zip files in backupdata folder

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