Release Notes - Moodle - Version 1.9.12 - HTML format


  • [MDL-4633] - Profiles requires entry in Description field
  • [MDL-9376] - Q and A forum editing time allows students to see other posts and modify their own
  • [MDL-20946] - Grade book averages are wrong if a student has multiple roles or has been deleted
  • [MDL-21446] - Excel export does not work with >31 character worksheet names
  • [MDL-26450] - use of undefined $scorm->pkgtype in function scorm_parse($scorm)
  • [MDL-26502] - 'Symbian' is misspelt, so browser check gives false positives
  • [MDL-26505] - Overall quiz grades are rounded before storing in the database
  • [MDL-26528] - Problem restoring forums with wrong forum_read information
  • [MDL-26605] - Multimedia plugin - Missing HTML between link and media
  • [MDL-26634] - LDAP NTLM SSO Multiple subnet separator is not specified and people use a wrong one
  • [MDL-26757] - glossary_print_recent_activity() function causes PHP fatal error
  • [MDL-26937] - Intermittent error from the quiz reports on MySQL because of subtracting two unsigned columns
  • [MDL-26981] - Restore of random question states sets incorrect question id in question_states (1.9)
  • [MDL-27069] - Notice in the add image dialogue when editing a course summary.
  • [MDL-27108] - Invalid SQL in mod/data/field/latlong/mod.html


  • [MDL-26534] - Allow iframes in course category descriptions

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