Release Notes - Moodle - Version 1.9.13 - HTML format


  • [MDL-15587] - Course Participation report for a feedback activity
  • [MDL-16168] - Moodle CAS crashes if no LDAP is set up
  • [MDL-23580] - Unneeded tags and other junk printed in course overview
  • [MDL-24355] - Computation of tag correlations is incorrect and very inefficient
  • [MDL-26704] - User outline report displaying dategraded instead of datesubmitted
  • [MDL-27404] - mod/scorm/apiphp returns wrong content-type header when loaded as javascript. This breaks SCORM for some users with restrictive security settings
  • [MDL-27515] - BUG in /mod/resource/mod_form.php - require fails in loop
  • [MDL-27545] - SCORM bug - mdl_log.action cannot insert long action field
  • [MDL-27638] - Assignment Module Submissions SQL overflow
  • [MDL-27695] - Moodle Docs links need to be fixed to point to correct versions of docs
  • [MDL-27716] - provide language string for "Close" popup window in Cloze question overlib feedback
  • [MDL-27717] - Language Packs causing incorrect amounts to be sent to
  • [MDL-27863] - Fix testcase issues found in MDL-27577
  • [MDL-28044] - doc links generated by print_error() needs to be updated to point to new versioned docs url
  • [MDL-28062] - Searching and then grading a Glossary entry gets an error: Must specify glossary ID or course module ID
  • [MDL-28232] - Course log text export is missing a new line
  • [MDL-28411] - explain groupings are not groupmembersonly in 1.9


  • [MDL-27966] - Update timezones info to latest version available (2T2011)


  • [MDL-10460] - User admin interface should allow searching/filtering users by fields other than name
  • [MDL-27756] - Improve move_courses() Performance


  • [MDL-27577] - /lib/moodlelib.php functions userdate() and make_timestamp() were applying dst_offset for numeric timezones, i.e. 0 (UTC)

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