Release Notes - Moodle - Version 3.0.1 - HTML format


  • [MDL-35982] - Blog delete entry does not focus on confirmation
  • [MDL-37308] - PNG Image conversion does not support transparency.
  • [MDL-37834] - Can't use Excel to edit the assignment Offline grading worksheet
  • [MDL-41643] - No break between checkbox field items in database search
  • [MDL-42571] - Edit PDF: Unable to view the second PDF on assignment grading page
  • [MDL-43069] - "Submission comments" fail to expand if you hide the "file submissions" column
  • [MDL-44330] - Assignment opens up the "wrong" student grading form
  • [MDL-45364] - Various lint errors reported by shifter
  • [MDL-45934] - Course backup with Completion Tracking enabled restores into same course with Completion Tracking disabled
  • [MDL-46049] - Repeating chat activities are not updated in the calendar
  • [MDL-47065] - It is possible to create empty notes
  • [MDL-48004] - Call to a member function all() on a non-object
  • [MDL-49490] - Export to portfolio link in assignment with additional files causes error
  • [MDL-50258] - LESS Source Map generation produces incorrect URL.
  • [MDL-50564] - Atto style dropdown button not working if table button is not present
  • [MDL-50687] - Provide better error when missing en_AU.UTF-8 locale in phpunit
  • [MDL-50700] - course grade overview report doesn't respect course theme or course specific blocks.
  • [MDL-51097] - Error code: cannotfindpages when leaving in a cluster and resuming after a wrong answer
  • [MDL-51411] - Wrong string displayed when deleting an activity with JavaScript turned off
  • [MDL-51483] - Inserting media in assignment via "online text" causes page to cease loading
  • [MDL-51582] - Switch to grunt to compile LESS as recess is no longer maintained
  • [MDL-51757] - mod_scorm PHP7 breakages
  • [MDL-51988] - Course participation report - does not check that messaging is disabled
  • [MDL-52021] - Duplicated capability name in lib/enrollib.php
  • [MDL-52029] - MDL-43839 regression: installer not styled if php shows errors
  • [MDL-52042] - Text field "no suggestions" box remains visible sometimes
  • [MDL-52086] - Subtree incorrectly rendered in renderer_base.render_tabobject()
  • [MDL-52095] - Missing RTL .navbar .brand padding
  • [MDL-52141] - Log restore alters log input row so it can't be processed correctly by future rules
  • [MDL-52160] - Empty administration block when page on front page course
  • [MDL-52162] - Upgrade to 3.0 through the browser fails: class question_graded_automatically not found
  • [MDL-52166] - Overview report fails in separate groups mode
  • [MDL-52180] - Travis: Remove 'Current commit is based on an older weekly release'
  • [MDL-52185] - Activity and course completion reports have ugly bullets
  • [MDL-52193] - Missing "require" in question types files
  • [MDL-52194] - Flowplayer not working when request_order is set in an insecure configuration
  • [MDL-52203] - Error upgrading multianswer question to 3.0
  • [MDL-52204] - npm was installing jshint v2.9.1rc1 and reporting lint errors, failing to build
  • [MDL-52214] - is_web_crawler deprecated function not pointing correctly to the core_useragent alternative
  • [MDL-52260] - Error editing profile when a profile field is locked
  • [MDL-52271] - Prevent web installer from appearing in search results if abandoned
  • [MDL-52279] - filterobject in lib/filterlib.php should have a proper constructor for php7
  • [MDL-52283] - Deprecation of Salt Option for password_hash() in PHP7
  • [MDL-52291] - Table "qtype_multichoice_options" does not exist!!! Upgrading from 2.4.10 to 3.0
  • [MDL-52304] - Shockwave Flash media player fullscreen doesn't work
  • [MDL-52332] - core\plugininfo\calendartype::load_settings() has invalid declaration
  • [MDL-52333] - Question type calculate_raw() produces errors on PHP7
  • [MDL-52335] - PHP7 changes in uniform variable syntax
  • [MDL-52336] - Upgrade (or patch) PHPExcel for php7 compatibility changes
  • [MDL-52370] - Course contacts cache should be purged when role is renamed
  • [MDL-52451] - Removal of functions call_user_method and call_user_method_array in PHP7
  • [MDL-52472] - Enable php7 in travis config
  • [MDL-52475] - php7 bug #70110 preg_match problem
  • [MDL-52487] - RSS notices in php7 unit test execution
  • [MDL-52540] - Behat: "Preview a question using the mouse." scenario fails on phantomjs



  • [MDL-51784] - PHP7 constructor changes
  • [MDL-52081] - Use proper __construct in forms API for PHP7 support
  • [MDL-52140] - Add Moodle 3.0.0 upgrade line to all the upgrade.php scripts
  • [MDL-52284] - Make Moodle code compatible with Exception/Throwable changes in PHP7
  • [MDL-52285] - Authentication API: all constructors should be called __construct() to be compatible with PHP7
  • [MDL-52286] - Upgrade ADODB to 5.20.1 for PHP7 compatibility
  • [MDL-52312] - Upgrade FPDI to 1.6 for php7 compatibility
  • [MDL-52361] - Upgrade (or patch) Horde library
  • [MDL-52471] - 'object' reserved from php7 onwards
  • [MDL-52499] - Link from lib.upgrade.txt


  • [MDL-52292] - Behat: Given the following "blocks" exist
  • [MDL-52438] - Remove PHP7 restriction


  • [MDL-50163] - "And I switch to the main window" Behat step sometimes switches to the wrong window
  • [MDL-50710] - Bug in Behat test for random glossary block

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